How much do local engineers get paid?

Answering our old age question. How much the locals got paid.
Salary information showed in first quartile, second quartile and third quartile terms P25/P50/P75

For new graduates in Engineering position.

Hardware/Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor (Public) 30K/35K/39K
Bachelor (Private) 30K/35K/38K
Master (Public) 42K/46K/49K
Master (Private) 38K/41K/44K

Electronics/Optoelectronics/Communication/Green Energy
Bachelor (Public) 32K/37K/40K
Bachelor (Private) 31K/35K/37K
Master (Public) 43K/49K/51K
Master (Private) 41K/44K/45K

Semiconductor Engineering
Bachelor (Public) 38K/44K/50K
Bachelor (Private) 35K/40K/45K
Master (Public) 46K/54K/60K
Master (Private) 43K/51K/54K

Engineering Assistant
Bachelor (Public) 28K/31K/34K
Bachelor (Private) 28K/31K/34K
Master (Public) N/A
Master (Private) N/A

For experienced engineers in various professional engineering roles.

Hardware Engineering R&D Supervisor
硬體工程研發主管 70K/86K/100K

Optoelectronics Engineering R&D Supervisor
光電工程研發主管 65K/82K/95K

Communications Engineering R&D Supervisor
通訊工程研發主管 70K/92K/108K

Other Engineering R&D Supervisor
其他工程研發主管 60K/77K/90K

Electrical Technician/Engineer
電機技師/工程師 37K/45K/50K

Mechanical Engineer
機械工程師 38K/45K/50K

Mechanical Engineer
機構工程師 41K/51K/58K

Mechatronics Technician/Engineer
機電技師/工程師 36K/44K/50K

Electronics Engineer
電子工程師 40K/49K/56K

Spareparts Engineer
零件工程師 36K/45K/52K

Hardware R&D Engineer
硬體研發工程師 45K/55K/63K

PCB Wiring Engineer
PCB佈線工程師 39K/48K/55K

(Electrical) Power Engineer
電源工程師 45K/56K/65K

Analog IC Design Engineer
類比IC設計工程師 63K/83K/98K

Digital IC Design Engineer
數位IC設計工程師 60K/81K/84K

Semiconductor Engineer
半導體工程師 47K/59K/66K

MEMS Engineer
微機電工程師 45K/56K/62K

Optoelectronics Engineer
光電工程師 45K/52K/58K

Optical Engineer
光學工程師 44K/53K/60K

Telecom/Communications Engineer
電信/通訊系統工程師 40K/53K/62K

RF Communications Engineer
RF通訊工程師 47K/57K/65K

IC Layout Engineer
IC佈局工程師 45K/60K/70K

Assistant Engineer
助理工程師 29K/33K/35K

Engineering Assistant
工程助理 27K/31K/34K

Other Specialized Engineer
其他特殊工程師 39K/48K/55K

Electronic Product System Engineer
電子產品系統工程師 43K/55K/65K

Photovoltaic Engineer
太陽能技術工程師 42K/50K/56K

Thermal Engineer
熱傳工程師 45K/55K/61K

Acoustic/Noise Engineer
聲學/噪音工程師 43K/54K/60K


As getting more experienced, engineers would go to different areas that more lucrative such as: project management.

Experienced Project Management role

Project Management Supervisor
專案管理主管 50K/68K/80K

Operations Manager/System Integration/ERP Projector
營運管理師/系統整合/ERP專案師 42K/53K/60K

Software-related Project Manager
軟體相關專案管理師 42K/53K/62K

Other Project Manager
其他專案管理師 38K/47K/55K

Product Manager
產品管理師 41K/51K/59K

Some going to sales. Due to potential unlimited income if the company giving incentive for successful sales.

Domestic Business Executive
國內業務主管 45K/61K/70K

Foreign Business Executive
國外業務主管 55K/73K/85K

Project Manager
專案業務主管 50K/63K/74K

Domestic Business Personnel
國內業務人員 34K/41K/48K

Foreign Business Personnel
國外業務人員 35K/44K/50K

Advertising AE Business Staff
廣告AE業務人員 32K/45K/50K

Telemarketing Staff
電話行銷人員 30K/43K/50K

Pharmaceutical Business Representative
醫藥業務代表 40K/53K/60K

Real Estate Agent
不動產經紀人 40K/50K/60K

Car Salesperson
汽車銷售人員 35K/50K/60K

MLM Personnel
傳銷人員 30K/41K/45K

Local Representative
駐校代表 N/A

Business Assistant
業務助理 27K/31K/34K

Head of Product Division
產品事業處主管 55K/81K/100K

Marketing Developer
通路開發人員 33K/41K/45K

For other roles/positions, could be seen here

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Poor salaries especislly for experienced professionals .
With the annual bonuses some will do ok.

But why do they all drive better cars than me then?

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It means that they know something that you don’t know.
Try to figure out.

Maybe its because I couldnt be arsed buying a new car. I didnt say I couldn’t afford to, I could buy one every year if I wanted to.

Looks a little low. Are these just base salaries?

Did I touch a bone somewhere?
Getting an above average car is not that difficult.
Credit payments could be an option.
So, branded cars essentially not a sign of financial success.

However, A Ferrari or a Jaguar then would mean different caste of human than you and I.

Read the title, it’s not expat packages.

I earn significantly more than ALL of those listed (which is quite disconcerting ), so I think its a legitimate question.

The salaries look too low for semicon engineers. Real figures?

I assume you Taiwanese, right?

No I’m not. I work for a foreign company but I’m not on an expat package either.

I’m assuming those figures do not include bonus.

I think 13 months of salary is guaranteed. Can be more than that in most cases depending on how the company is doing.

So imagine getting say 15-20 months of salary per year… now that’s a lot more than what you’re seeing.

family’s wealth?

Pretty sure these numbers exclude bonuses. But if I remember correctly you got 2 kids, right? There goes a shit ton of your money.

They are getting money under the table from the clients the competition, business associates etc. It happens more than you think.
I knew a guy a few years back he would average anywhere between 400 and $500,000 a year under the table. That didn’t include his salary and bonuses.
And yes he drove a very nice car.

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Their salaries are never 12 or 13 months. It obviously depends on where but at the big firms it’s usually the number you see up there * 20 or even 30. 45k is shit but 45k*30 is ok.

i dont think you are even remotely correct Gain. Yes it happens that some get the big bonuses but a few months bonus is usually considered quite good already for the aversge worker…
I’d say a fair few are getting kickbacks on deals.

I think you are right. Two or three months seems to be the average bonus.

Except I am. The year-end bonuses are usually 2 months but the entire package is often >20 months. It’s definitely not uncommon.

Taiwanese are not going to pay two years for one year’s worth of work I’m sorry that’s just never going to happen.