How much do local engineers get paid?

Salary information showed in first quartile, second quartile and third quartile terms P25/P50/P75

Obviously, there is a possibility of someone getting a payment on the 99th percentile of the statistics. Like so, there is a possibility someone getting payment on the 5th percentile of the statistics.
If the statistics showing 25K/30K/35K, 99th percentile could be 50K or even 70K. 5th percentile could go from 20K or even less.

You obviously don’t know how the bonuses work.

But you weren’t talking about bonuses you were talking about salary so obviously you don’t know what you’re talkin about.

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It happens but the numbers you are quoting are quite exceptional。 thats why they make the news. Its definitely uncommon.

In fact I recall that the average annual bonus for full time workers in Taiwan is barely one month…which is easily verified by govt stats.

Their salaries are 13 months usually. If most firms have a good year they may give two or three months extra. Some exceptional big firms will give more.

I think bonusses are rather not fixed variable.
Multinational companies or large Taiwan conglomerate companies like TSMC, FoxConn or ASUS could give multiple months of bonusses.
While, small Chen, Lin or Wang family owned company would give 1 month when they feel really generous.

Engineering bonus rates on average are more than few months pay (much better than 1-2 months bonus for most Taiwanese). Good engineering staffing is in demand, without the higher bonus payouts it hard to retain staff. Companies here do this to retain the need to cut pay (its harder to cut base pay per some gov. red tape, ie tax man thinks pay is cut to reduce taxes ) Taiwanese Engineering staffing shortages would be worse without big bonus.

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A friend’s nephew, just graduated, 800k/year at TSCM.

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Yeah TSMC pay very well even for new employees, they just take the top grads I believe.

I must say that the kid wanted to give up the job (against his mother’s will) because he was pretty much a slave.

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When I first read it I thought it was 800 k a month I was going holyshit

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Nah… a HIGH salary for a foreigner in a job found locally would be maybe around 150-200k / month. More than that would be really really high, I think.

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I mean 800k is great for Taiwan starting off. It would be a bit shit for a top grad engineer working for the top semiconductor firm in the US though !

(And I know of software engineers / sysops who were making around that money here in Taiwan, BTW.

I have a Taiwanese friend who’s an engineer and he averages about a million so that sounds about right

More than 200k a month puts you in top 1% salary earners .

Now it doesn’t put you in top earners by any means.

But big salaries are really rare, at least with guaranteed base.

We are talking about being an employee, not owing or directing someone’s company.

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I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but riding a scooter to an office in Hsinchu and living with one’s parents (out of choice) is a far less expensive than trying to buy a house and live near your office in the US.

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Yeah I get what you are saying in that regard.
Still Hsinchu housing ain’t cheap at all.

If these numbers are right, there must be a lot of family wealth and under the table sources of income.

I am on significantly more than any of in Theo tables above, but don’t really feel well off compared to our neighbors. Many seem to own multiple houses, big cars and spend ridiculous money on their kids education.

My kids go to public school, no after school classesl, we drive a Nissan, and we are lucky to afford the deposit on our house. Yet I am supposedly earning much more than average.

Still doesn’t make sense to me.