How much do you spend on clothing?

The other day I found myself in SoGo. I hate the layout of department stores here, so I hardly ever go there.

But to see so many people shop like mad beasts! I have never paid more than NT$ 500 on any clothing. I only spend more than NT$ 1000 when it comes to sneakers.

I ended up buying a very cool sweater for NT$ 2300…but now I feel really protective over it. Am I nuts??? :loco:

i order stuff online, have it sent to my parent’s house and they send it to me… i hate all the clothing here and i’m a 6 foot chick so nothing fits… nothing is even long enough, not even the guys stuff…

I don’t shop for clothes that often but when I do, boy, WATCH OUT WALLET!
Last time out I got a Paul Smith teddy-boy drape jacket – black virgin wool, velvet collar and cuffs, blood-red silk lining – at a knocked down price of NT$25,000 (that’s it in my avatar) and a cool black pure alpaca Vivienne Westwood overcoat for ahem around NT$70,000. Worth every penny, even though there’s only about 2 weeks of the year cold enough to wear it – that’s a stylin’ coat.
For regular everyday clothes I don’t spend anything – I just let the wife get stuff for me, mostly. Shopping for cheap clothing is boring.

costco jeans: 550nt
costco button down shirt: 500nt

very nice shirt I got in Kaosiung 2200nt
new glasses 4500nt

It comes and goes, but I dont like to buy really expensive clothes…I’m just going to sweat in them. :unamused:

I hate buying clothes. I’d much rather go shopping for books or CD’s. If I find a shirt that I like I just buy four of them in different colours and wear them until they start getting holes.

I haven’t bought anything in my near 3 years here because of the quote above. I was never much into to style (and when I was I wasn’t very stylish).

6 feet…wow. You should come shop at hsimending with me…you can buy 2 things for the price of one and sew them together…

Sandman, are you a Vivien Westwood fan?
I would never have guessed. Wear VW next time I see you and I might just rub up against you (now you see, ABBA didn’t do it, but VW!).
I’m in love with a pair of VW sunglasses for NT$7500. Sigh.
I’ve been spending more on clothes recently. Bought two skirts at that Pro Taste place (crap name, cool clothes) for about NT$3500 each.

I bought three shirts for $300 Nt total. I hate shopping for clothes probably because it brings back memories of being dragged into places I didn’t want to go when I was younger. I remember wishing my mother would take me space invader arcades. I can’t bring myself to pay more than $500 for sneakers.


I ended up buying a very cool sweater for NT$ 2300…but now I feel really protective over it. Am I nuts??? :loco:[/quote]

2300 is fine. I spent 10,000nt on 2 pairs of pants and 1 shirt at a store in Sogo. Then I went to Fornarina and spent another 16,000nt. I only do this when I’m in Taiwan so I justify it that way. Besides, nice clothes usally are better quality. And I’d never spend more than 500nt at those small privately owned stores because it could be fake stuff, or “water cargo” which means it has factory defects. Maybe we’re both just nuts then.

6 feet…wow. You should come shop at Hsimending (Ximending) with me…you can buy 2 things for the price of one and sew them together…[/quote]

jirre… :wink:

I hate shopping for clothes. Have you honestly looked at what women wear here. Most of there clothes don’t even match. Everything either has little frillies on them or words written on them, in poor English no less.

I am also the wrong size for all these clothes. I might be only 5’9" but I only weight 130lb. I have no waist. (Married) These women also have no chest, and I do. (again, married) Almost nothing in these country fits me.

I have managed to buy a few things though. I do believe in paying between 1000-1500nt for clothes if you really like them. I am not interested in wasting my money on something that is going to wear out or have the seams rip out fairly quickly.

Same here. I’m more of a dark coloured, simple clothes person. Difficult to find here, so I’m happy so spend big money on clothes whenever I have the change to go back home.

Not too much, practically nothing, 'm going nekked anyway. :smiling_imp:
Don’t have time to wear it, working all day.

I finally got sick of my old stuff and went out last week and spent 6000nt on some stuff, including a 1600nt tank top.

It is hard to find non-girlie items here though.

I spent 300NT$ on two very cool T-shirts with a left breast pocket just yesterday at Baleno. It was a two for one sale and they had four colors to choose from… :notworthy:

Baleno’s got some nice stuff but I just don’t feel the need to update my wardrobe the way I did when I was teaching in Seoul City, where a dress shirt and slacks were required in every school, some also wanted you to wear a tie which was cool sometimes…ya know…mixing and matching :bravo:

Oh, and six months ago the folks sent me some Levis from Vancouver. Seems a shirt and jeans/sandles are the uniform here so whatever. I’ve got scads of that stuff.

Not only that, but with this heat how can you get all that creative? I would like to add some solid color short sleeve shirts to my day to day dress. They’re cheap and casual and do the trick nicely. But quite often, simplicity is hard to come by in these youth oriented clothing stores and department stores ask way too much for simple shirts.

Mind you, when my co-workers wear unwashed shorts and the same shirts to school for days on end, I actually think I’m too dressed up. :unamused: …most of the time.

I used to have to have only the expensive Western name-brands, but lately (being a poor grad student and all), I’ve succumbed to buying stuff from Baleno, The Net, etc. … I still refuse to buy Hang Ten, though. However, I did know one Taiwanese boy who wore Hang Ten tighty-whities, and they were mighty cute … but now that I’m “fat” (according to my graduate advisor), I don’t think I’ll be letting anyone see me in my underwear for a while … (which are Old Navy and Tommy Hilfiger, by the way :smiley: ) :laughing:

Shirts 0-$500NT
Pants 0-$800Nt (some leeway here, as the Lvi Khaki Stain Defenders go for about $2000NT but have a coating of teflon that stops them from getting dirty/stained, not sure if they R even sold in Taiwan tho)

clothes here generally dont last long due to da humidity, so dont spend much on em…

Why has not one poster, not even Sandman, picked up on this??? :smiley:

There’s a one liner to be had here, it’s pleading for it.

If only I could figure out what it is :blush:

I spent NT$0 last year on clothes.