How much does an average laptop cost in Taiwan?

Are computers cheaper in Taiwan than in the states?

My Apple Powerbook 12inch was $NT3 000 cheaper here, plus it was loaded with heaps of extra software because, um, well this is Taiwan :wink:. I’d say it’d depend on makes though. A Taiwan model such as an Acer laptop would be cheaper here, but a dell wouldn’t. Apple in roughly the same.

Generally, yes. Although right now, with the US economy still pretty slow, computer manufacturers are killing their prices. If you jump on one of those coupon+discount+rebate deals from Dell, you blow TW prices away.

Mainly b/c rebates can be USD100+

For 30 000 NTD, you can get one of those IBM ThinkPads … customized, of course, for a bit more, but a pretty good price nonetheless.

I’ve had my eye on the Twinhead thin laptops for the longest time(~28,000). I broke down and bought a IBM X22 in the US off ebay because of the 3yr warranty.

If I were to buy someone a thin/light laptop on a budget, it’d probably be a twinhead.

I got truly burned when I bought my first laptop a Twinhead about 8 years ago.

No service…
A system that shocked me eachtime
No installed software.

I guess things might be better now, but I would NEVER buy another pc from them simply because of their POOR design/after sales care. (they never did fix it…)

I then bought an IBM thinkpad, which was a sheer delight by comparison. Good system, installed OS and works processor. Turned it on and just used it…- what a delight it was until my wife stood on it!

Then I discovered how difficult noteboox can be to get fixed…

So I have, without the support of a generous IT dept., foresworn laptops untill,
a. my school buys one for me (dreaming)
b. desktops disappear completely
c. they’re a dime a dozen and just as cheap to fix

a and b don’t look likely, but with prices coming down soonish, c is becomeing more probable!

Best Wishes

I completely agree that laptops are quite a risk to buy. That’s why I only spent USD 1000 on mine. If something breaks within the next 3 years, the warranty will take care of it. If I still have it after 3 years, it’s time to sell it.

if you’re going to buy an established brandname computer, buy it in the states. if you don’t mind popping for taiwanese brands that might be more of a risk quality-wise(though not always), you can save a lot of money.

of course, as stated above, sometimes you can find some deals in the us that are just amazing, especially if you’re willing to deal with pirce matching and waiting for refund checks in the mail. check out the hot bargins forum at one of the BEST resources for grabbing short-lived bargins in the states.

Direct link to AnandTech’s bargains forum:

I got 3 and a half years out of my twinhead laptop before it shat itself a couple of weeks ago. They’ve got some nice thin and light models that are as cheap as, but I’d agree, their after service still bites. … aio_recall

Looks like the above poster’s electric shock Vaio is more than a little problem.

Results of a satisfaction survey on computers, including laptops, in the U.S.: … _and_worst

For laptops, IBM is rated “A”, Acer is rated “E” (worst).

I’ve got a Compaq 800mhz and an NEC 366mhz, both are rated E by Yahoo.

The NEC still runs fine, after almost 4 years. The Compaq’s inverter went after a year, cost NT$1600 to repair.

Both cost about 35k.

A new ASUS with Centrino isn’t a bad little machine for under 50k.

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Go wireless.