How much does gasoline cost in Taiwan?(per gallon/US dollar)

how much does gasoline cost in Taiwan right now? (when converted to per gallon/US dollar)

for some reason, I came up with US$4.55 per gallon. Figure is based on NTD$36.1 per liter
for 95 octane gas in Taiwan… (1 US gallon = 3.78 liters)

It can’t be only $4.55, can it? For comparison, the cheapest gas at my local Exxon station(in the US)
is selling regular gas for $4.30 per gallon. My friend in Germany tells me he’s paying close to
US$9.5 per gallon over there.(Hamburg, Germany)

thanks! :slight_smile:

I use ‘95’ grade and its right around NT$35 or so a liter. That a little over US$1.00…so its right around US$4.00 a gallon…close enough for gubmit work.

Some nitpicker will come along and do the exact math…but you get the idea.

As you’re in Texas…Do you answer the telephone…“Kin I hep ya?”…part of the O-fficial Texas Rule book.

Per capita income is lower in Taiwan then the USA. So 4 bucks american a gallon could be something like 7 bucks american a gallon by real money comparison?

1 gal (US) = 3.7854 liters

(36.1 x 3.7854)/30.396 = US$4.496/gal.

Chris -
Smartly done…Good show!

it’s really expensive, and it’s really hard to find (we’re a bit backwards here and don’t have enough gasoline pumping stations), so make sure you bring enough with you when you fly in.