How much extra taxes do landlords need to pay for rent if reporting income?

I need to negotiate for my landlord to allow me to register my home as an office for my business (it’s allowed, because it’s a mixed use office/residential building). My landlord isn’t paying taxes on rent (it says on the rental contract).

What’s a reasonable extra amount to negotiate with in order to allow me to list the address for my business? 10%? 20%?

Do you have an accountant?

Depends on the value of the property and property tax rate of the region, if the landlord has reported the property as self occupied

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I do! I can ask them tomorrow, maybe they can draft a letter to the landlord. However anything more than 10% raise in rent and I’d be better off renting a co-working space as an office.

Yeah, they should know all the ins and outs.

There is also the off chance they havent paid taxes on the house/land in years. Im not sure how it works but i could see it being possible that might be needing to be cleared before allowing business registration. Just a thought aside from the obvious tax elevation in business. When i rented a house we paid the land lord 3k a year extra for their raised tax. It isnt much, but dont bother setting up fake rentals in an expensive area…