How much for a new tyre set (scooter)?

I went to get a new set of tyres for my scooter today and got quoted at 2000 NTD. Is that a fair price or am I being ripped off by this mechanic?

Thank you.

EDIT FOR MODS: apparently I had a semi-major brainfart that prevented me from using the search function. I got my answer from another thread already. Can this post be deleted, please? :slight_smile: Thank you.

Uhm… that sounds like an awesome tyre. My gf just changed her rear tyre for about 1200 bucks. Sounds like your eyes are too open and your hair not black enough to look Chinese :stuck_out_tongue:

That was for two Dunlop tyres, back and front. I got them today. :slight_smile:

Oh, then you got a good deal. Now my gf says that she paid 950, but we don’t know the brand (you bet it’s local…)