How much for HK tickets

Will be going to HK for 2 days only. December 4 - 6.
Some family will be meeting us there. Hotel is already arranged.

I’ve never done a visa run so I don’t know what a good price is for a 2 day flight return to HK.

How much should I expect to pay? Whats a good price?
Interlink quoted 10900 including airport tax per each (return).

Thanks for any help!

Have you ever tried There are a lot of prett good offers but the site is in Chinese only.

Thanks for the help, I tried using Babble Fish to translate that site. Still couldn’t make heads nor tales of it!

Actually that price sounds about right. Especially since you are not staying for more than two nights, and you’re not flexible with regards to departure date.

A typical package (including hotel) to HK can get down to as low as NT$6000, but usually the length of stay is 4 days, so that wouldn’t work for you.

You should contact a travel agent to help you out. Sometimes they might have left over seats.

The TPE-HK route is a cash cow for the airlines, so prices are quite high unless there is extrodinary circumstance, i.e. SARS.

Everytime we’ve checked, the package with flight and hotel is cheaper than just booking a flight alone. Don’t overlook this option just because you already have hotel arrangements. Sometimes you even get a really nice hotel. We got the Hotel Intercontinental last time, really nice. And packages aren’t always 4 days. We’ve done 2, 3, and 4 day packages no problem. Agents tend to advertise only one package but have many available.