How much for website miantenance?

I’m having 2 websites made, one for my biz and one for an TaichungPAWS. Both will require a little maintenance a couple times a month. I am just looking for some estimates of what people get paid to maintain websites. Thanks folks.

I usually charge US$50 per hour for clients who don’t already purchase hosting from me, chargeable in 1/4 hour increments for basic site maintenance tasks. For clients who do host from me, I provide some maintenance free, but it depends: setting email accounts, managing plans, etc… etc…


I’d be happy to do it for $800NT per hour ($800 minimum charge per update) for your commercial sites and free for Taichung Paws.

Bit bored at the moment and wanting to stick my teeth into a good project. I’m sure some of your homeless dogs would understand.

I’m curious: What do you mean by maintenance? Updating the content of the website? Are you working with static websites or a CMS (content management system)? Or does “maintenance” refer to the CMS or the server itself?