How much is a decent laptop?

I know that Taiwan makes about 60% of the world’s laptop so I am wondering how much do a decent laptop go for in Taipei?

You basic model gigabite, twinhead etc with a 60GB, 5400rpm HD, combo burner starts at $NT20K, that’s cheap. Even at just under $NT30K, there’s a variety of 80-100 HD laptops around with DVD burners. Anything from 20K to 30k. Geez, I bought my first laptop in Taiwan in 2000 when the basic models started at $NT40K.

You can get something decent for around 30k that’ll last a while. Shouldn’t have to pay more than 45k for a pretty kick ass laptop.

Depends on what you consider decent. A mid-range model with up-to-date specs / features is around 40 to 50k.

Take a look here what to expect for the money; actually the Asus mentioned is being phased out now and dropped to around 36k (with the standard 512MB RAM and WinXP home).

Off topic but… I remember reading a post or news somewhere that the last laptop factory in Taiwan closed some months back. Maybe 60% or owned by Taiwanese companis, but probably made in China (or something.)

Yep, most of that stuff is now made in China (including Acer for example).