How much mature digital content do you have?

I was waiting for someone to select more than 1 TB. Now we have someone whos ticked that AND a comment from Tommy. A coincidence? I think not.

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Well, he has a thing for Asian big tits and pouty lips: those things take up space I imagine.

Drive space can easily be wasted if someone is into enema porn, kinda gets inflated. However standard compression tools can solve the problem and reduce size sufficiently. However one should not forget to put a cover underneath it.

No porn here! Just high-class, yet edgy artistic stuff.

It’s not pornography–it’s pornology!

Can you add an option for ‘Magazine Stash under the Bed’?
Then I can vote.

I thought I would post this here for maximum effect :slight_smile:

Where’s the option for Gazigabyte???

I have zero porn now that I am married. In fact I think I’ve lost my sex drive entirely !! That’s what marriage does to ya :slight_smile:

Indeed. And it’s much healthier than the commercial stuff from the shops.[/quote]

So, are you willing to exchange DVDs then? Taiwan from above for, eh, educational material? :laughing:

For me, the question should be: How much porn do you write? Kinda need the money, so I am writing sex and violence books and sell them on Amazon. In German though. “Der Neue Hexenhammer”, The New Witch Hammer. Now that is a good book to read as a paperback on a train in Covid-free times ahead.
“Are you a pervert?”
“Well… No! Don’t you think an update was way over-due?”

I barely look at porn anymore unless I’m really drunk or maybe if I’ve been exiled to the couch by the missus, which I guess goes hand in hand with being really drunk. So maybe 3 or 4 times a year. And I never download it… just watch a few videos at porn hub until I’m … er, satisfied. :no_mouth:

The new tshirt slogan. :bowing:

Most of the porn out there is really vile and cruel. Browsing through most sites can render one nauseous and libidoless.


Whut? I thought that was just your kind of humour, having this avatar and linking that page

Please don’t tell me the photo there is you :ponder:

Maybe this is better discussed in that “how do you imagine forumosans” thread…

man’s gotta earn a living
I was going to suggest “Taiwan’s Biggest Wanker”
Anyway, for me, it’s 0

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Seems like you should stop doing it then…if it upsets you so.

Yeah, but that sells better than normal stuff. My readers often ask me to spicen up. More violence, more sex. Good thing there is no trade union for novel characters, so they get an extra beating with the whip when I review a book.

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