How much money should a new arrival bring to taiwan?

Hello, I plan to come to Taiwan this summer to teach English. I’ve seen jobs advertised and even had a few offers, but it seems like you can get a better contract by being in Taiwan already. Eg. The contracts Shane’s or Hess offer compared with the vacancies I see on tealits.

I was just wondering how much money I should save before coming? For costs I figure maybe $30k for finding a room plus deposit, $20k for a hostel when I first arrive (?), $10k for travelling to interviews, but then food and bills I am not sure. Im an experienced and qualified teacher, but I don’t know how fast I can expect to find a job.

Also slightly related, I understand an onward flight is required for entry sometimes. Would it be okay to just have a cheap HK flight rather than a ticket all the way back to the UK?

Things have probably changed since I got here, and anyway what happened back then is all a foggy blur now, but here are some threads that discuss the issue: … 8#p1479808 … 6#p1001706 … 9#p1217309 … 6#p1139976

Maybe someone will come along later with something more helpful.

I got by on less than 3,000 U.S. but that was 14 years ago. (actually, I had more but I figured that if I couldn’t do it in 3K, I was outa here. I think I spent about 2k before I got a good job at a decent school.) Things are tougher these days and that dream teaching job is much more elusive. Ya, you can find a job and have a heartbreak experience like you have read about on this site. I suggest at least 6,000 U.S and look around. Always have enough in your pocket to get back home. DON’T GET STRANDED.
Check into a cheap hotel with WiFi and start a search. It’s not like it was years ago. Decent gigs are rare and scams aplenty. Watch your 6 and good luck.

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Thanks for all the info, im checking those links now.

I should have mentioned but im a single guy, wont be bringing dependants, and i’ll share an apartment. I’m pretty much as low maintenance as it gets.

2Enigma mentioned waiting to get that dream job with nice pay and good hours. What if I jumped into a job as soon as I got there in whatever big cram school I can find, and then search for a better one in the meantime? Is that allowed, visa wise for me to pull a switcheroo like that?

I can come out early May with about $3k. Or wait till the end of July and have maybe $5k. But im really eager to get over there, if I can do it in May I definitely want to!

I would encourage anyone to at least sign a contract regardless if it’s a chain or not to at least have the intent on fulfilling the contract. It’s allowed to pull a switcheroo like that but it’s kind of shady on your part.

I needed about 5000USD when I came 3 years ago. Part of that was that I spent a couple of weeks traveling around and finding out that I did not like Taipei and instead preferred Kaohsiung. It took me a couple of weeks to find a job but I didn’t start teaching for another 3+ weeks. And you don’t get paid until the next month. The other part of your equation that you are missing is that you will need to have 2 months deposit to rent an apartment and you will probably want to buy things like towels, dishes and other household stuff before the paychecks start coming in. Another 10-15K for a scooter unless you want to make public transit work. Taipei is pretty good for mass transit but it’s inconvenient in other areas.

You can buy a refundable ticket to HK and cancel it when you arrive.

Because taxes are much higher if you’re in Taiwan for less than half of the year, May is definitely better than July.

Exactly ➚

Also, if other buxibans are like mine, summer sessions are quite busy and additional teachers may be needed, which are more likely to be hired in May than in July.