How Much Money to Withdraw Before Arriving?

Hi, everyone. Currently, I have a little under 3000 USD in my Chinese bank account that I plan to use to get set up in Taipei. I’ve read that some Taiwanese ATMs are compatible with ICBC and allow me to make withdraws. I’m wondering how much to pull out in cash before arriving. Thinking of things like rent (I’ll be apartment hunting), food, etc.

Everything? Saves a possible headache and govs dont care about 3k cash going through an airport usually.

15k NTD for 2 week hotel/airbnb
50k NTD for 3 month rent (first month rent + 2 month deposit)
30k NTD for 2 month food and transportation and everything else

Is about 3000USD

Staying on friend’s couch for first week, so no hotel/AirBnB. But looks good.

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If you have Union Pay you can get money from many ATM’s, stores accept it too.

Good to know!

15k for 2 weeks is a tourist thing. If you plan to live here, can speak or have a friend who speaks cinese you can find places as low as 2k a month. 4 to 6k being easy to find. Food can be cheap (the quality matches the price…) And scooted can be had cheap as well. It takes effort to live cheap but taiwan is super easy to scrape by. The hardest part is visa and staying legally. Living is super easy if you arent picky.

If its safe, i still recomend bringing it in cash. Too many people have had issues with banks here. Unless you have someone back home who can help if in an issue.

I made a very safe estimate, because I don’t know OP’s standard.

strongly agree. I planed to pay by card for our first week stay, but they didn’t accept my card, and had to pay by cash.

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I would bring it all. Just keep it in a money belt. You’re unlikely to get mugged.

Taiwan is still mostly a cash based society, so it helps to have cash. Plus you may want to open a bank account.