How much of a discount should I ask on a used car?

I’m thinking about buying a used car, a 2017 Tiida that’s in really good condition and certified under the SAVE scheme. Price is 458,000. I’d ideally like to keep it around 400,000. I’m not sure how much is considered reasonable when negotiating a used car deal in Taiwan. Any advice?

Someone I know does this, I’ve yet to try it yet. He uses 1 or more email to low ball the person selling something. And comes in at the price he wants to pay. Says he almost always gets it or close to that price.

or, like housing, cut 20-30% off listed price and see how they react. use all kinds of excuses, budget, wife has to approve, bank loan only that amount, etc.

Just say 398 K because you don’t like the 4 as it’s not a good number.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably start at around 39ish. The SAVE certificate apparently makes it more valuable, because it’s been verified by the original dealer.

Perhaps @sulavaca can share some of his wisdom?
He haven’t been much active in the forum recently, but you can contact him via his website Autocheckers

I got a Tiida with him in the past, and he did a great job in getting the price down, as well as inspecting all the details in the car.
BTW, if you haven’t done it yet, I’d suggest you to do an inspection just to make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place and doing what they are supposed to do.

I actually have a Mint Tiida coming shortly. I just need to get the servicing done.
It’s the better, earlier model without the CVT. It’s a 2007 with only 50,000KM on it.

Is CVT bad?
I thought they were more efficient that regular automatic transmissions.

Is there anything wrong with the CVT system?

20% per year reduction

A five year old car would be like 30-40% of the catalog price?

Lower reliability, slower response.

5 years works work out at 60% the catalogue price.