How much of a nanny state is Taiwan?

Why is that wrong?

If kids have to clean up the school, then students there are less likely to want to make a mess because they gotta clean it up anyways. So whoever makes a mess is going to get picked on. It works.

When I was in high school the bathrooms were a mess afterschool because kids don’t learn that responsibility later on. In elementary we might get disciplined for making a mess but we are never forced to clean up after ourselves.


They can often own a small amount, usually about 1 meter.

Exactly my point. Cleaning buildings is a proper job. Not something kids should do.

So everybody should just hire a maid?

We only needed to clean up our smoking area, the rest was done by the cleaning crew. They were all happy to have that job, government job in public school. Nice pay and good benefits, retirement and you couldn’t get fired at will, basically a life time job.

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They should just pay teachers better…

I consider it the teacher’s responsibility to tidy the classroom at the end of teaching, and between classes. I’ve always taken that as read. It amazes me how many teachers leave their classrooms in a state for the next teacher to deal with. Arrogant, dirty little fuckers.

More pay is always good.

Tidying and cleaning is not the same.

What kids are forced to do include: to sweep the classroom, to mop the classroom, to clean the computers with a wet rag, the parts you can see and the back of the computer too. Also to sweep and mop under and behind the furniture which is close to the walls in other rooms apart from the their classroom, for example, the computer room.

It’s not about having your own desk in order, is about the school not needing to spend money on legal workers doing what is consider a proper job. Just use the kids for free.

I call this child labor, or child slavery. How can this possible be legal? I really don’t understand that. But yes, I suppose you can defend it as “taiwanese culture” like people defend other kind of crazy things and call it “(input country)'s culture”.

They can always go to TAS where they never have to do any of that…

But yea, the kids use the classroom, so why shouldn’t they have to keep it in order?