How much should I ask in YMCA

Ok I got a job through a friend to teach English in YMCA. I think in YMCA you get paid a lil less then other places? I do have a college from the states, attended a year of grad school. No teaching experience at all. However my background is Taiwanese. I went to states when I was 13 and now I am 26 just come back to Taiwan couple months ago. So I can speak, read Taiwanese, Mandarin very well. so…how much should I ask per hour? thanks for any input.

I would think that they’re probably offering $500, maybe even $550. Could be up to $750 if off-campus and they’re paying for your transport fees. As to what to ask, well that depends on your own negotiating skills.

well my friend said that for new teacher with no experience they pay 320/hour. That’s pretty low compared to other places. She said something atmosphere in YMCA is great and it’s great the get experience in YMCA…well I will just give it a try…

experience is good …Also if you are chinese with good english speaking skills your pay rate will be 25% lower than Foreigners unless you go to the more repectable bushibans…

also the coordinator there will always try to get you to sign if you are working below market value…ie you will make money for them with your salary rate while charging the same…

If you’re on a mission to make money, that sounds too low. If you have other reasons that would make you choose that place (a friend, security, the environment, etc.) and money isn’t of major importance to you, then by all means go for it. But it still sounds low.

I heard YMCA is loosing money in some countries. I don’t think they’d be offering competitive wages, would they?

One my friends makes about $525/hour teaching English at Airline Job Applicants cram school.

He’s Chinese and has a Masters Degree from Birmingham Univ. In England.

He’s fluent.

But other teachers, who are White, make at least $600/hour teaching the same classes, same text book, same type of students.

Not fair in a way, is it.

He can give explanations in Chinese if needed.

So, the students always know what he’s talking about.

Other students prefer the White teachers because they like to look at a foreign face and be in a class taught by a “real” English speaker, even though they’re sacrificing comprehension for doing so.

Sounds f ucked up, doesn’t it?

it’s NOT fair. we should all demand that all of us get paid the same rate, no matter foreigner or local. i mean, sheesh, this is highway robbery and outright proto-racist. i always insist to get paid same rate as my Taiwanese co-workers. I won’t take more. Not fair. Principle of it.

I would leave it to the market. When more and more ABCs or locals with native-level English enter the market, and students realise they are worth as much as whiteys, they will stop paying a premium. I would imagine some of these students may have themselves studied overseas. However, I imagine there will also continue to be those who will pay a premium to be taught by a teacher from a European background. It is after all primarily a business. If the bushiban owners could run their schools without troublesome foreigners, they would in an instant.

Its also the interaction with foreigners that they are paying for. The students would be left feeling very awkward the first time they speak english to non-chinese because they don’t get the feel for interacting with westerners. That’s at least half of it right there. Taiwan is an isolated place so there are not many foreigners/tourists to interact with.

Do you have to dress like an Indian or a sailor?

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Funny. Some $G for you.