How much time do you spend segueing?

How much time do you spend segueing?

  • <1 hour/week
  • 1-5 hours/week
  • 6-10 hours/week
  • 10-20 hours/week
  • 21-40 hours/week
  • 40 hours/week

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I realize the results will be biased since the people who spend the most time here will be most likely to vote, but maybe if it stays up long enough the votes will balance out…

In your comment, mention WHERE you have most of your adventures in Segue. Office, home, Internet cafe…

Home now that I have ADSL. Before that it was in coffe shops and work. Before I vote I’ll have to point out that there is a flaw in the range of choices.

Thanks for alerting me to that. Sorry, but the person who voted for >40 before will now need to change his/her vote…

Altogether far too much time! I have Segue in the background all day long at the office, but never at home, as I don’t have a computer there, thank god.

Pretty much the same as Sandman; i have it on all the time at work (just to stop me going into a coma!) but i’ll have to admit, the thought of logging onto Segue at home positively makes my toes curl.

i don’t have a computer at all or I would be hooked. Just use the free computer at our local telephone company, Chuanghwa Telecom when I pass by on the way to work …

Sandman, I thought you worked at home? Remember the old “I kiss my boss’s chest everyday” post?

I’m a closet Seguer. At my previous job I was clearly warned when assigned my computer that any unlawful use would land me in deep doo doo, and after hearing stories of them busting employees for downloading smut I suffered from Segue anxiety in the workplace. At my present job there was no warning, but my desk is situated so people walk behind me making surreptitious forays unwise. Even at home, my gf gets jealous when I spend time with all of you instead of with her, even if she’s watching tv or sleeping, so now I do it quickly as though I were sneaking off for a secret smoke.


I got the same problem as yours. Gf thing. I gotta sneak on typing this out now…


My, you fellows are henpecked. :smiley:

I usually log on when I’m working, as a diversion, a mental sorbet when I’m writing or grading essays.

I kind of agree. I’ll keep a browser window open on the “posts since last vist” (search_id=newposts) link for much of the day and refresh it now and again. I wouldn’t call the time that window is open “Segueing time.”

[quote]Sandman, I thought you worked at home? Remember the old “I kiss my boss’s chest everyday” post?

Very true, Mucha Man. I kiss the boss’ chest every day then go out to the office. Oh, by “boss,” you must be referring to the moron who sits in the big office every day doing important things?

Yes, I suppose he’s my boss too, technically speaking, but I know perfectly well who the real boss is in my life, and it aint him, that’s for sure!

Ditto Sandman. I keep it on in the background most of the day but spend only about 30 minutes or so actually reading/writing posts. Then about another 15 minutes or so at home after I check e-mail there.

Yeah, it sits there open maybe half the day (at work), but I think I’m only paying attention to it for a half an hour or so. I try not to check it out at home, but sometimes I can’t help myself if I’m working anyway. Do I need therapy?

Before work in the morning - Lunch time - and whenever I have nothing to do

Well - once or twice per day. That’ll do for me. A total of 15-20 minutes.

Who is the lone addict?

Far too much, cause I just leave the browser open… so actual time and “on line time” are different. But, check in the morning before I work, at lunch and usually after work. And on occasion… during work :wink:

You mean 21-40 hours/week isn’t addicted???

Damnd, I have to “work” harder to get there, I only made it to the third place!

If only my boss knew …