How much water for a puppy?

My wife and I are in a debate right now about how much water we should give our new puppy. Our dog is a 6-week old Husky. She has to go through a series of shots before she can be let outside, so right now she is an indoor dog. We feed her three times a day because she is growing very fast. I think that the dog should always have fresh water available. My wife only wants to give her water 3 times a day (right after the puppy finishes her food). Her reason being that if we give her more water she will piss all over the apartment more. Although our dog is not trained yet to use the newspaper, I don’t mind cleaning up after her since we have tile floor and the cleanup is relatively easy. I think though that water is very important and should be available to the dog whenever she wants to drink.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!!

i think you are correct, that is to leave water out and let her drink when she is thirsty.

she may get hot in taiwan, so if shes panting a lot she probably would benefit from some water.

better to have her get water when she feels the need instead of trying to schedule it like her food. although if she is to be inside for a long time you could limit her intake to a reasonable amount, and not let her drink too much, or yes, she will pee more. but water is important for her digestion and body temp regulation.

my dogs eat twice a day, one big meal and one small meal. they drink water at least 6 to 10 times per day though, and i never know when or how much or why they decide. they just drink when they are thirsty. your dog shouldnt have to suffer to keep your tiles and wife happy. your puppy has needs, and they should come before the needs of your floor.

she is a husky, they are smart. she will figure it out quite quickly that when she needs to go, she goes outside.

i dont know about pee, but ive heard a puppy should be able to hold it depending on their age. this is something i read somewhere, dont quote me please, its only a guideline: but i believe the age in months is the same number of hours you can leave your dog alone and they should be able to hold it in:

2 month old puppies should be good for 2 hours
3 month old puppies should be good for 3 hours, etc.

so theoretically a one year old dog should be able to hold it for 12 hours, but that should never have to be the case. no dog should have to hold it for 12 hours or be expected to. its only a guideline for new puppies when you are training them to go outside.

anyway, give your girl all the water she needs. i would only say, if she’s drinking like a fish right before bed (my husky does this sometimes then pees upstairs-rarely but it happens) you might limit her intake. my boy is 7 years old, and sometimes he still sneaks upstairs to pee even if i let him out at 9 or 10 pm.

good luck, huskies are great dogs.



i hope your wife is not averse to lots of hair on the floor. it will be covered with fur, especially in april and september.

your house will be a veritable fur farm.

get a good shedding blade and brush. she cant help it, she’s just furry and cute by nature.

maybe huskies in taiwan adapt and dont grow the long winter coat, but here in montana, my boy sheds like a buffalo in april/may, and then again in september.

anyway, best of luck and enjoy your girl, she will be the best friend your family ever had.


Especially in a hot place like Taiwan, pets should have an UNLIMITED supply to water. This is very, very important to prevent dehydration, heat stroke etc.

JM, good post! Very helpful and I agree with everything you wrote. Huskies are amazing animals but Taiwan is not the best place for them especially during the summer. Unlimited amount of water as DB mentioned and some shade. Huskies also love air-conditioned areas.


I also think that it may be difficult to train the pooch to hold her bowels if she never goes outside for the first bit. Not impossible though. I guess it takes 4 weeks between the inoculations and another week after the second round of shots for the dog to be protected so it’s a total of 5 weeks that the pup will be indoors.

I’m sure she’ll get plenty of long walks as a reward for her patience once she’s ready to go outside. :wink:



thats the greatest picture ever. i just had to forward it to two friends that will love it.

is this your dog?



That’s absolutely correct. Fresh water should be available all the time.

We have two boys, and one of them has a big meaty mouth. When he eats anything he gets his mouth all messy, and then takes a drink and dirties the water bowl. We just clean the water bowl and refill it over and over, all day long… they drink filtered water, too.

We trained our boys to pee in the washroom drain if they have to go while we are out. I know they can hold it for a long time (several hours), but, I see no reason to make them do so.

Just a quick hello and to say what a ‘Fabulous Photo’ of the little pup in the fridge, could it be the pups way of saying~water please!..