How much Western food do you eat?

How much Western food do you eat?

  • Not very often
  • Fairly often
  • Most of the time

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How often do you eat Western food?

I am not a big fan of Taiwanese food really. Most of it is very bland and boring. Too much of the plain white rice with stuff to accompany it bland crap. And I think Taiwanese rice is terrible.

For the first few years here I ate out most of the time. At first, the majority of the food I ate was Taiwanese. Then I really started to realize that most of it isn’t very good IMO.

I do like Beef Noodle, Dumplings/Guo Tie, Xiao Long Bao and fried rice is OK. I also like eating fish because it is usually very fresh and just generally delicious. A lot of food here is fried and makes me feel sick.

When I was living in Taipei I often ate out at Western restaurants. Now that I am living in but fuck nowhere, I have began cooking for myself most of the time.

I know some western people here who really like the local cuisine but I just can’t see it. I’ve travelled around Asia a lot and every country has far superior cuisine (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan etc.)

I prefer Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese food, but I’m living in Taiwan and I find the food to be adequate most of the time (except the cafeteria where I work, which sucks) and some of it very good. Moreover, dinner rarely costs more than US$2 or $3.

I don’t have time to cook and cleanup except on weekends, I only eat crap like McDonalds or Burger King on very rare occassions, and real western restaurants (even Fridays or Chilis) are too expensive and too much hassle (have to drive there and find parking as opposed to the countless local places within walking distance). So, it’s almost always local food for me (including ears, stomach, intestines, etc.). I’m perfectly happy with that and it’s part of the reason I’ve been doing well at saving money in Taiwan.

Not a friend of Taiwanese food either for most of the reasons stated though there are some exceptions. Don’t eat much Western food unless you count all the bread/sandwiches. Actually I miss food you actually have to chew, I feel my jaws and teeth aren’t getting a good workout nowadays (intestines, ears, chicken feet and the like are not on my favorite list though)
Love Thai food if it’s not too spicy, Japanese, Malaysian and Seafood in general but won’t shy away from a good steak or schnitzel either. :slight_smile:

All of it.

I eat and enjoy everything and really like tiawanese food (especially the stuff you find in the mountains of Nantou county, whatever that is) but i get a little sick of it. I think it’s the sweetness factor. so I get a nice pizza from Mama Mia’s or hit Subway once in a while. Otherwise I cook whatever I want.

western food= 25% of the time

other tastes = 75%

Yeah. I eat quite a bit of Thai, Vietnamese and Indian food as well.

I think I would eat more Taiwanese food if I lived in Taipei, as there are more options and English menus so that I would know what I was getting. But, as I live in the more rural south where English menus are rare (and my Chinese totally sucks!), I cook western and Indian food at home most of the time. It has actually helped me to become a pretty decent cook, actually! So, it ain’t all bad… :wink:

I think the food here is quite varied, and delicious. As a result, I rarely go to overpriced Western restaurants. I live in Taipei, though, so the selection is large and varied. Of course some dishes are fried or have too much oil added, but one learns to avoid those dishes, or those restaurants. Learning Chinese and especially how to read a menu helps tremendously, of course.

I can speak some Chinese and am getting better at reading menu’s. Perhaps some suggestions on new things to try would be of help.

I really like saucy food. Taiwanese cuisine lacks sauce. And their soups are horrible. Corn soup has an almost religious following. :raspberry:

Saucy? Like Cantonese? Sounds like you eat at the wrong places. There are ok soups here, not great though.

Tell folks where you live and maybe some can direct you to better restaurants; my recommendations would be in eastern-central to eastern-suburbian Taipei.

Not enough.

My mother inlaw has been supplying us all kinds of fresh garden vegetables and cooked foods, so as time goes on and my GI tract adapts, I’ve been able to take in more and more local stuff. I used to start every day with a bagel and end it with a piece of cheese as a midnight snack, but lately I’ve stopped doing that, favoring local breakfast instead. It’s easy and cheap, as well.
I almost entirely eat local, but now I’m a fussy eater, which I never was when I was on a western diet… I don’t do whole shrimp, fishballs, and all the corn that seems to be such a big deal here. One thing that gets me down is the insistence of flavoring meat and overcooking fish, fresh or not. Fish is delicate, but here they tend to cook the ass off it! :loco:
I’m really happy with all the different greens that Ma gives us, so I eat a lot more vegetables and rice than meat now. The downside is when something is in season for a while, and then we tend to get a lot of it. There was a stretch of time last August where we ate a lot of okra. I think I probably ate two acres’ worth by the time the season ended.
Every now and then I ask my wife to cook chicken without a marinade or other added flavorings: she says it has no flavor that way, but I say that chicken is a flavor, isn’t it?.. a little bit of much-needed salt, and I’m happy. Abundanza.

YES! Taiwanese cuisine is too sweet and not salty enough. I do like the variety in vegetarian dishes and some of the things that they do with pork (I think pork here is excellent).

I ate at burger king today. Shame!

I go to McDonald’s ,KFC for the fries and chicken, and
sometime fried night market snacks. And
when I have real cravings, Domino’s
or Pizza Hut.

Taiwanese food like steam buns are ok.
I don’t like soggy food, except oyster with
rice vermicilli.

How much you got??

Western food is far overpriced here (except for McDonalds), so I only eat it on occasion.

Why is Western food expensive here, while Chinese food is cheap in the West?

I think I’ve doubled the Western dining since Alleycat’s Neihu opened! :slight_smile:

I do most of cooking so I can say that most of the food I eat is western (mixture between portuguese and italian, depending on what I have in the fridge). Anyway, I do enjoy go eating out, although wifey knows me bu yao la…

I remember a time when . . . if you wanted pizza the ONLY place to get some was Pizza Hut in Tien Mu . . . if you wanted cheese the ONLY place to find it was again in Tien Mu . . . The only Western fast food places that had penetrated Taiwan (outsideTaipei) were McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. There were ABSOLUTELY no western supermarkets period (I hear you guys got Wally World and Costco, etc. now). There was NO freakin’ internet or cell phones, so communication was via land lines and face-to-face. We learned about Typhoons from coming through when they arrived or if Chinese friends mentioned one was coming through. . . So Bodo sez shut yer traps and quit whining! :wink: