How much would a million poppies weigh?

And how much space would a million poppies occupy?

Just saw this quote, which I find a bit mind-boggling.

Tiger Moth:

Maybe it’s seeds? No, doesn’t really make sense…

Or they might be using paper ones, similar to the poppies that are being sold by veterans (and/or for their support) in the UK:

When it turned colder in Taiwan a few days ago, I found the one I got in London in the pocket of my Jacket… very fitting point in time to find it again :slight_smile:

five to fifteen tonnes, i would guess.

not opium poppies, no?

Jeez, I finally realized this wasn’t about a million “puppies”
Which would weigh considerably more, I reckon…

Lordy lord. Men. Stupid questions. How heavy is the junk someone is throwing out of an airplane for no reason?

Just don’t stand under planes dumping anything. Haven’t you heard the Phillipines shitsicle story?

Maybe it’s going to fly up there lots and lots of times dropping 1,000 or so at a time. Or however many a tiny wee plane like that can carry. Or maybe the reporter is a complete and utter twat.

MMM I like poppies.

Mommies would be lighter.

I know where I would put my money, given the quality of reporting one sees nowadays. It was the BBC. A clincher if ever there was one.

[quote=“urodacus”]five to fifteen tonnes, I would guess.

not opium poppies, no?[/quote]


Ask Urodacus.

[quote=“Tyc00n”][quote=“urodacus”]five to fifteen tonnes, I would guess.

not opium poppies, no?[/quote]


they weigh less and less as you smoke them. … 720966.stm
Here we have footage of the actual dropping of the Popeye’s. One million pieces of fried chicken. Book me a passage on the QE2!