How much would you pay for used items?

Browsing the the used items on forumosa and other sites, I wonder how people come up with their pricing. Some people price things to sell. Others seem to think that their owning an item is a value added service. Even if something is like new, it’s not new and unless buying from a trusted friend there is always an elment of risk that the item will crap out shortly after you buy it. I think a realistic range for used goods is between 1/3 to 1/2 of their original value assuming that the item is still in good working order. For a real life example, how much would you pay for a flat panel LCD TV which probably retails for about NTD 10,000? The seller is asking NTD 7,300. Of course it is “new”, under warranty, etc. If you were going to buy it anyway would you buy it here, or buy it new?

I think foreginers tend to grossly overvalue the secondhand goods they are selling in Taiwan. A huge amount of the seconhand stuff I see for sale can be bought cheaper brand new if you know where to look. Especially funny are the ads with everything from Ikea (including the ‘almost new’ Ikea dishclothes etc). That stuff is poor quality and overpriced to begin with.


Agreed. Cut the price you paid in half and then adjust a little bit up or down depending on condition, or check what things sell for on Ebay. I never had any problem selling stuff this way. With books it’s easier, I just check out what the used book price is on Amazon or someplace similar.

Agreed. Cut the price you paid in half and then adjust a little bit up or down depending on condition[/quote]

Yes, most things are overvalued when listed in the classifieds here. You also have to figure in the inconvenience of having to meet someone at an apartment at a specified time, vs. the convenience of buying at any time online or in a store. Plus the latter are delivered to you, whereas you have to go pick up the classified items. This is especially important for used major appliances.

In fact, I’d say cut the price to a THIRD and then adjust. :idunno:

I assume that the seller thinks there is a someone out there that will pay that price, and this does happen

People are either lazy or suckers and choose to believe they are getting a good deal thus avoiding the need to shop around

I always avoid second hand appliances also, its not work the back breaking lifting and the cost/hassle if they break down

Why should posters not overvalue their second hand stuff first as they know they will have to drop the price anyway?
imagine they put directly the minimal amount clear stated, a lot of loosers who can even not afford a nail to scratch their cunt will still ask for a lower price.
That said, I mostly see Electronic items which are sold at very very descent prices.
on the other hand, a lot which is offered was probably already bought second hand, like tables, couch, bed etc… i would not give a dime for 3rd hand stuff…

How much would I pay for used items? Depends on the item.

Someone paid $142,560 for a used '69 Chevy Camaro (not that I would). … lecars.asp

Someone paid $140 million for this used painting that looks like the floor of my garage. … _paintings

On the other hand, used schoolgirl panties sell for about US$50 a pair (also a little steep, though it depends on how badly soiled they are).

It isn’t justthe laowai. When you go to the second hand clothing shops, those clothes are just as expensive as it would be to buy them new.

I’d pay more for used panties than I would for used condoms.

Buyer beware. Big noses grossly over value their goods, especially scooters. How many people have bought an 8k scooter, driven it for a year and then sold it for 12k?