How much?

Situation : 4 kids at once (elemantary aged) … 2 hours a go. Twice a week.

Purely conversation - Parents pay to take kids to movies/park/shopping malls/restaurants/around the house/markets/etc and teach them how to ask/reply/converse in all daily matters.

How much is a fair pay per hour ?

I have no more info than that at the mo

It’s probably worth NT$1,000 an hour or more, but you’d have to pay me a million to spend five minutes with four Taiwanese brats.

(I know one person who will not teach for less than NT$1,500/hr and he is not hurting for work, but maybe he’s a god…)

Yeah I reckon around $1200 an hour. Don’t want to make it too cheap or you’ll be walking around with about 8 of them on your arms after a week or so. Problem is, at that price it equates to about $5,000 each kid a month. Pretty good dough for you, but also comparatable to shoving them in your buxiban class for 1.5 hours a day.

The father doesn’t want buxiban classes.

I see it as this - you WOULD ask 1000 for ONE student per private hour and then you teach … so …

1st kid 800/hour
2nd kid 200/hour
3rd kid 200/hour
4th kid 200/hour = 1400/hour

The father originally wanted an hour each day of the working week … There is no lack of money. To me it’s sounds like good business