How Not to Make and Maintain Friends

I want to publicly apologise to TainanCowboy because I’ve been such an ass to him.

I’m sorry TC, I got my panties in a buch over some stupid political arguments and I honestly regret it. You’ve always been helpful and friendly to me and many others. Especially back when I was having a tough go as hatch, the be nice preacher and all. That wasn’t nice of me and it makes me look like this.

I could have pmed you but I was an ass in public so here it is. Again I’m genuinely sorry Sir. :notworthy:


Bobpine -
Gratefully accepted.
It is best for all of us if we can exchange ideas and philosophies in an atmosphere of respect and consideration.
I often times am very direct and, in print, come off as harsh. Thats is most times not the intent. It is only that I wish to be as clear as possible in communicating my point.
Mis-understanding is something I want to avoid. It slows the exchange and muddies the waters of communication.
We all benefit from coutrtesy to each other. However, I will call an as an ass when no other description is accurate.
And if that ass is me - I hope that soeone else will pin the tail on it.
Thanks Bobpine, May the New Years be a good one for You and Yours.

The best for you and yours too TainanCowboy. And thank you. :slight_smile:


C’mon! This thread is supposed to be about how to not make friends!

Because that kind of honesty is very, very scary. If you have the courage to take a brutally honest personal inventory, you are one among a few. Those sort of people are hard to find, but they make the best friends.