How often do you check Forumosa?

How often do you check Forumosa?

  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • Every 2 or 3 days
  • Once a day
  • Twice in one day
  • three times in one day
  • four times in one day
  • I check it very very frequently

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Lately I have been on Forumosa a lot.

The days I’m not in Taiwan I’m usually stuck on to this site cause it reminds me of living over there. But then the moment I get there I usually check this site much less often.

How about you guys?

I checked it much more often after re-discovering it while I was in Taiwan. I’ve only really started looking and posting again fairly recently.

If you had “Every 1, 2 or 3 days” I would have chosen that.

I ain’t gonna give it a number, but I read it a lot.

I agree. It’s not an exact number of times per day. Some days just once, other days several times. Depends on my schedule.

I get to work, organize the workload, turn on the computer, log on the 'mosa… and leave it on while I do my stuff.

I post while I wait for stuff to come back from other departments, waiting for stuff to print out, lunch… If you see me a lot on the 'mosa it is because something is stuck somewhere.

It’s a cult actually. I only respond when Maoman pushes a button he has on his desk. See there. He’s just pushed it.

The concept of a poll for this is seriously flawed. People who check in once a day or more are far more likely to vote than those who check in once a month.

The concept of a poll for this is seriously flawed. People who stop to vote in online polls are far more likely to vote than those don’t vote in online polls.

I probably only check it once per day, sometimes not even that. However, I get notifications in my e-mail every time someone posts in a thread I’ve posted in, so I actually come here frequently.

Actually, I tested this theory with an online poll a while ago, and results showed that 100 percent of people do respond. So . . .

Far too often. Shit comes up on the reader thingy I use for all the websites I look at. It kind of flicks on the corner of the screen whispering: ‘Working? For money? You sap! Come here and read and write for FREE!’

Comes and goes three years after leaving. I would say every two to three days usually.

Probably a couple times a year. There’s not much that interests me here anymore.