How old does US citizen need to be to come here?

Can a 16 yr old coming from the U.S. use the visa-exempt 90 day deal?


Can a 16 yr old obtain a student visa to study Chinese?

[quote=“Rupert”]Can a 16 yr old coming from the U.S. use the visa-exempt 90 day deal?


Can a 16 yr old obtain a student visa to study Chinese?[/quote]
Hopefully you’ve already looked this information up at the Bureau of Counsular Affairs: No age requirement is listed for visa-free entry. However, it’s always a good idea to contact your local TECO.

Yeah i found the same thing but not listing it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Exactly, so perhaps contact BOCA directly?

yes, thank you, short of the obvious things i should do i came here wondering if anyone knows already, you don’t.

My apologies.

sorry, my bad, i misread the above message.

My brother’s 8 and 10 year old children came here visa-free last year, if that helps. They have US passports, by the way.

okay thank you very much!

Visa exempt means, visa exempt. I’ve been traveling from the states to Taiwan since I was not even a full year old when they required Vias for 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.When they announced visa exempt for 90 days with a U.S. passport. It was music to my ears. No more traveling to the TECO office!

If you’re traveling from the states to Taiwan alone, you should probably look into traveling internationally as a minor. You may be required to be put under the airline’s supervision if you do not have a parent or guardian traveling with you.

yes, that’s the problem, he will travel alone, not with a parent or guardian. i suppose i’ll give teco a call!

Unless regulations changed, TECO may tell you the same thing I just did. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask :sunglasses:

You can let the airline know. My friends used to do this back in middle school and high school before he turned 18, and when they were at the departure they will have an airline employee take them through check-in, security and they will also wait with them at the gate until they’ve boarded.

On the flight, a flight attendant will keep a closer eye on them. I think they will get priority seating in whatever class they get closest to the flight attendant area.

When arriving, right as you exit the tunnel, an airline employee will greet them and take them through immigration and to the baggage claim area (and through customs).

Not sure if there’s services beyond customs. They may assume a relative will be there to pick your kid up from the airport.

Keep in mind that this was approximately 10-15 years ago and was EVA AIR that provided this service. Not sure if other airlines do or if EVA still provides this special service.

Yes, who is taking care of you. Where will you be staying. Maybe some accommodations, tours, services like changing money may require you to be a certain age. Will you have a guardian to take care of legal stuff? I’m not sure of the “age” requirements because I hand over all my documents and let the authorities fill the paperwork for me. Age is not an issue for me though.