How Philippines President Duterte cured his gayness

You know what they say about homophobic people.

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That guy is hilarious. Betcha he’s still gay!

It’s not gay if you’re the top. Ask anybody who was in prison.


It’s hard to tell if anything this guy says is even halfway truthful or if he’s just doing a stream-of-consciousness standup routine. If Lenny Bruce had been a halfwitted psychopath, he would have sounded like Duterte.


Nsfw. Duterte reminds me of Big Bob


That explains so much… Sometimes those bullied takes on the role of bullies to protect themselves…

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This is the same halfwit who said, among his other gems, “As long as there are many beautiful women, there will be more rape cases.”

It’s disheartening how many idiotic grifters become political leaders. It seems no country is immune. But what’s more amazing is the multitude of citizens who abandon rational thinking and support these leaders.


So it can be cured.

Seriously that’s like saying I was born a certain skin color but now I’m cured by changing it.

Either he’s bi or was just experimenting.

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There’s an unwarranted assumption in there somewhere, I think :slight_smile:


I doubt it’s either one. He’s just making shit up. Have you listened to him talk? It’s like listening to the local wetbrain around closing time at the pub. Just a jumble of mumbles, with no apparent logical thread or connection to terrestrial reality.


People seem to like him there though.

Because he focused on violent crime, which is then understandable.
If all pols are corrupt it may make sense.

It doesn’t work that way.

Think it through. You can’t bully someone who’s bigger and tougher than you. Bullying can only go one way. It’s hierarchical.

From what I know, he has cleaned up the streets. But I can endorse the way he did it. Rule of law is needed in a democracy.

You surely meant “can’t” in the above, right?

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He didn’t really. He got rid of some of the most prominent (and a lot of low-level scumbags), but the general ethos of life is unchanged. The guys at the top, or in political office, still carry on committing crimes. They’ve just changed their business model a bit. The guys at the bottom still wander around the neighbourhood stealing, and they still get their drugs from somewhere. They’re just more careful about who they buy from. All of the structural problems that are the root cause of all this are still there.

The problem is that rule of law is expensive. Human rights are only affordable when criminal behaviour is a rare event. When 10% of the population belong in jail, and another 30% are aimless layabouts pumping out the next generation of criminals, what are you gonna do? If you tell the drug dealers there’s going to be a crackdown, and they just carry on dealing drugs, what are you gonna do?

There has been no effective law enforcement in the Philippines for centuries - in fact the entire concept of “Law” is baffling to most people. It’s a society where the guy with the biggest stick, or the most money, runs the show. People vote for such people because that’s the way it’s been since forever; if you didn’t support the right guy, you’d end up floating down the river. Just take your 1000 pesos (the standard vote-buying rate these days), tick the right box, and life goes on as before.

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I guess they should be investigating how to turn straight people gay.

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