How popular is in Australia?

Every year I try to send Bea, my god-daughter, something for her birthday. She recently moved from Perth to Melbourne. She’s turning 14 this year, and I simply do not know what to buy for a teenage girl. My solution is to send gift cards. Last year, I took a chance that a Coles gift card, but it’s a little complicated for me to send those from Taiwan.

Would Amazon or eBay gift cards be popular alternatives? What is a popular retailer for teenagers down under that offers gift cards?

I know it’s not terribly popular in New Zealand and probably less so than it was when you figure in the shipping charges hike.

Does she have an Apple product? I’d imagine an iTunes voucher would be a suitable alternative for a teenager.

I should have factored in the shipping costs. That makes complete sense.

I’ll check if she does have an iPhone or iPad. That’s a great idea! Thank you!