How Popular is Tutoring Small GEPT Classes?

What is the most popular GEPT level for young children/teenagers?

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate

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Looking to get into the GEPT tutoring business. Checked other threads but couldn’t find much information.

If anyone has experience teaching GEPT in small groups of max 6, please share.

How easy or difficult is it to get students to tutor privately?

What do you charge per student?

Which segment of the market - elementary, intermediate, or advanced - is the most popular in your experience?


I haven’t been able to find an original source for this, but I’m pretty sure that children under twelve aren’t permitted to take the GEPT. Here is some indirect support for that opinion:

[quote=“On February 16, 2005, Feiren”]The China Times is reporting that a panel of experts and Language Training and Testing Center staff have decided that childen under 12 will no longer be allowed to take the General English Proficiency Test.[/quote] [ … 60#p301560](No More GEPT for kids?

As far as I can tell by using Google Translate, this Chinese-language webpage dated June 28, 2005, says about the same thing Feiren said: … toryid=518

I heard something recently about some other standardized test for younger children. No details though I’m afraid, but maybe connected.

A Taiwanese version of Cambridge Young Learners? Strewth! Why do the Taiwanese fall for these money-spinning scams? Why would anyone want to take an exam that isn’t internationally recognised when they could take a better produced version of the same thing that is? Why would any respectable government support such a thing, unless there were some serious backhanders involved? I can’t believe that they’re trying to pull that stunt. It’s worse than the chain cram schools producing their own tests. At least we can clearly see that they are private businesses only in it for profit.

Well other than the Cambrdige YLE, there is STYLE (Saxonccourt Test for Young Learners of English) which is produced by the same organization that owns Shane, yet Shane does Cambridge. :smiley:
There is also the Anglia Young Learners and the Pearson Test for Young Learners, which is the newest of the lot.
There is an organization here in Taiwan that used to be a Cambridge Test Centre, but had their licence revoke due to some …issues, and now they have developed their own YLE test which they claim is internationally recognised. :loco:
Even if a young kid is at a solid intermediate level, they should not be submitted to the torture of GEPT. YLE or Cambrdige Main Suite for Schools is way better.

Even better is the Giraffe English Proficiency Test (can you see what they did there?). Pathetically funny on so many levels.