How rich are you?

Does that site require some sort of special plug-in? Because the “Show Me the Money” button ain’t a working.

Perhaps that’s the point?

Oh, I got it working. It’s a site that puts you on a guilt trip. Even with my modest salary, there are apparently 6 billion people worse off than me. Damn, I don’t even own a house!

Queen of the closet wrote: [quote]It’s a site that puts you on a guilt trip. [/quote]

Yes, just looking at it from a financial angle. However, I think my moral and spiritual poverty would even things out.

Still, I don’t like the guilt play - BLOODY CATHOLIC COMMUNISTS!

What’s next? They’ll be telling us that if we gave up the grog for a week we could save a poor third-world family.

How did you get it to work?

How did you get it to work?[/quote]

You just put in your salary and press the button. Maybe your browser needs a plug in?

They’ve raised 4000 quid so far, and there’s a list of the contributors with their comments.

They invite you to contact them if you think their site is offensive. Goright to the bottom of the link above.

I won’t disclose my income, but it makes me the 317,610,295th richest person in the world… and that I should give some random website my money.

But, ImaniOU, you ask, what if you were one of those people living in poverty…Excellent question, replies I.

[quote=“Global Rich List”]You are in the top 95.98% richest people in the world.
There are 240,963,855 people poorer than you.
How do you feel about that? A bit richer we hope. Please consider donating just a small amount to help some of the poorest people in the world. Many of their lives could be improved dramatically or even saved if you donate just one hour’s salary (approx $0.06)

Oh, and in case you’re interested you are the 5,759,036,145 richest person in the world.

Greedy bastards.

Rich enough to retire twice and I don’t have to work nooooo more :sunglasses: