How risky is this?

I live in the states. My TW fiancee’ wants to come live with me on her B1/B2 tourist-business visa for up to 6 months (I believe that’s the limit for one stay though it’s a 5 year visa).She would need to come back to TW in December, and then would want to go back to the states. Then, we’d get married, and file for immigration. Is this super dangerous? We’re worried she’ll have problems getting back in the 2nd time because they’ll wonder if she’s trying to immigrate. Then, is it possible we’ll have problems when we file after marriage? Any advice would be much appreciated.

marry her.

Hi chalouie,

You may have trouble with your interview when you try to tell the story of how you met. If they even suspect an ounce that she’s a green-card wife or there’s fraud involved, your petition for her will be extremely difficult. The immigration guys HATE run arounds and your situation as described can be contrued by an immigration official as a run around.

If you are serious, then marry her. Or, file a K-1 Fiancee petition and make it legitimate.

It should be mentioned that marriage doesn’t guarantee entry into the U.S. Depending on your viewpoint and sensitivity to risk, the K-1 fiancee visa might be best as it can be processed based on nothing more than an engagement (and other required documentation). Then, if it works, she’ll be granted a visa to enter the U.S. and you’ll have a set amount of time in which to get married, 90 days to be exact.

If for some reason, the K-1 visa application is not approved, you are not yet married, and that gives you and your fiancee more flexibility in how to proceed (retry, reconsider, etc). … 15.html#2d

Best of luck.

ok… travel to Taiwan and get married, takes heaps of happy snaps, take a honeymoon together with more snaps, letters from friends and relatives demonstrating and backing the legitimacy of your union etc etc. Prepare for this now. We had a folio 310cm thick of ‘evidence’ of our relationship.

All of you, thanks for your advice. We’ve considered marrying when she comes the first time before she has to go back (for her sister’s wedding in TW) to avoid too much stress. Then we could file, and supposedly, she could travel after 4 months. That’s what the immigration lawyers stateside have told us…