How shall i go about seeking a one-on-one chinese tutor?

Hi everyone,

i’ll be in taiwan for a couple of months this summer, and am interested in learning some chinese while i am on vacation.

i previously spent a year at the mtc, which was a great place to learn chinese, but since i don’t want to deal with the hassle of paperwork and mean bureaucratics, i’d prefer getting a private tutor this time.

does anyone have suggestions on where i should go to find a tutor? i’d prefer to just hire one of the shida or taida teachers directly, or someone else with some teaching experience, but i don’t want to go through the programs. Does anyone know how i could contact these teachers directly? Also, what is the going rate for teachers with some experience?

i’m at an intermediate/advanced level (my last book was the Independent Reader) and know exactly what I want from a tutor, so i don’t need someone with that much experience. i just need someone to explain unfamiliar vocabulary and to correct my sentences and essays. I would be interested in 2-5 hours of tutoring a week.

please help with any tips or information.


hi~i am Anderson.
why don`t you find short-term language exchange,man!?actually, i am also looking for native englishe speaker for conversation practice!! my madarin and taiwanese are pretty good.maybe we could discuss about that!!?


Just ring up a language school and tell them you want a private teacher. I’d reccommend CLD for one. If you don’t like the teacher, then it’s your money, so they’ll let to change to find a more suitable one.

Do you have a contact for CLD (phone number)?

Currently considering TLI, but open to alternatives. Want to start in May.

Rascal, 23122626 or 23121717 and ask for Fay Fay or Monica.

hehe… I recommand myself
I got bankrupt this month, so I would like to re-start the private teaching job.
C if you still need a private tutor