How SPAM is filtered on Forumosa

Hi Gus and Anthony,

I’m having problems on another site which keeps rejecting my legitimate posts, because they’re using some kind of draconian SPAM filter which perpetually challenges established users, asking them to fill out some kind of “CAPTCHA” garbled text code 2/3 of the time, and simply rejects out of hand posts which contain links to offsite web pages (even when legit) or images (even though they’re allowed acc. to the rules).

I’m trying to explain to the admin on the other site that it works better here on 'mosa, but want to be able to provide accurate details of how the system works here. AFAIK, most of the screening here occurs at user registration time, when you ask prospective users for the reason they want to join, and although this involves a slight delay in registration and a bit of work for the admins, it works fairly well. Then you have the mod squad and admins temping or deleting the remainder that gets through. Is that accurate?


Perhaps the other site has a contract with the captcha guy … pulls in an x amount of $$$ per captcha word …

Yes, that’s correct

We are actually considering new ways to do the screen so that it quickens the process and also involves us a bit less. These new ways would essentially transfer the questions and answers we ask via email into the Profile pages. But it won’t change the basic process that you described

I glad I didn’t have to give a reason when I joined. I have no idea…

I’m sure “I poke badgers with spoons” would have been accepted.

I hope it would have. “I want to inform people with my insightful wisdom” wouldn’t have fooled anyone.