How stupid do TW politicians think people are?

From the newspaper today:

"The school [University of Virginia] denied that Taiwanese media had pressured it or suggested that Chen Chih-chung should not be allowed into the program.

Chen Shui-bian said on Friday the university had told his son not to attend because it could not stand the pressure from Taiwanese media."


So, the former president is so out of touch with the intellectual abilities of TWnese and is ACTUALLY expecting people to believe that: A. a major US academic institution would have ever have heard of any “Taiwanese media”, or would actually care what Taiwanese media had to say; and B. That anyone from the Taiwan media could actually make a call or something to exert that pressure. I would love to hear that call (or read the email, etc) from a Taiwanese journalist. Let’s just say it would be beyond hysterical based on the level of English I’ve seen among the local press.

Politicians are generally about as smart as the people who elect them.

This is a rhetorical question…right?

Actually I was hoping he’d show up, just to see the TW media engage in their usual scrum and we’d get to watch some Taiwanese “journalists” writhing on the ground after being zapped by a University security guard.

Quick, how fast can you translate “don’t tase me, bro”?

By ‘pressure’ from Taiwanese media I guess they mean the sum journalists running around on campus and harassing dtudents and staff …