How the heck do I turn off automatic updates? Windows 10

I bought a computer a month or 2 ago. Some kind of fancy gaming friggen thing but its made in taiwan so i was happily in. But i am so limited in very basic privacy settings.

i cant for the life of me figure out how to stop automatic updates. I thought i had shut off all obvious spying options, but updates keep rolling in.

It runs windows 10, no cd given (i know)…any of you computer savy folks know something.i am clearly missing? Appreciate any help!

I’m not sure you can turn them entirely off (which is probably a good, albeit annoying, thing, as some of them are presumably important for security).

What you can do is pause them for a certain amount of time, which I tend to do a lot:

Press Windows key >> Start typing “update…”, choose “Windows update settings” >> choose “Advanced options” >> choose whatever date you want in the “Pause until” drop-down menu.

Turns out you may also be able to turn them off entirely: see here (haven’t read it).

Windows updates until your computer is physically unable to operate the updated windows due to hardware constraints and then you rumble off to Linux.

Its a dang if you do dang if you don’t thing these updates.
Same as on apple fones, if you don’t update after a certain time your phone can brick then its a trip to the applestore

I have a 10+ year old acer netbook running windows 10. ;D

If you have W10 Home version, you cannot stop updates. The Pro version allows some flexibility.

Yes, it’s a PITA when you are working away and realize that the bloody thing has slowed down due to it doing an Update in the background, and even worse when you find that it wants you to restart the thing, which can take ages for a big update.

They did it to me a few years ago when I was visiting Japan, started updating without any advice, and even none when I shut the Laptop down … and wouldn’t start the next time as I had shut it down mid-update.


Pausing them at least gives you some control over when the update happens. For the more Tech Savvy there are other ways too, like fiddling with the registry, but that’s dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

The forced updates were one of the big whinges about W10 early on, not so much from the quality, but the fact that performance can suffer as it’s happening.

Microsoft will respond saying that it ensures that security updates get done promptly, which is actually good.

No matter which of the 3 main systems you have (Windows, IOS, or Android) each has you by the short and curlies, and who knows what they are doing privacy wise.

Setting a couple of Microsoft’s data centers on fire would do the trick!

You can’t.

right click on the start menu > run
type services.msc > enter

find windows update service > right click > properties > startup type disabled > OK
Do the same for Windows Update Medic Service if you have it.

If you decide to update your PC later - and you definitely should - you just reenable the service and try to update through the normal way in Settings

Your computer is not running…it’s walking

That hasn’t worked for years. It ignores it and returns it back.

The main annoyance is not the updates, but the automatic restarts that come with many updates.
Here is a good guide how to stop it (and do not skip the second step - the service will be reactivated!).

It’s soo lousy - my linux servers usually go for 1-2 years without reboot… (maybe one reboot before I update to a newer ubuntu LTS edition or upgrade my server)

Well damn
Then again, seeing as the WUMS is relatively new, perhaps it will work now.
Worth a try at least, especially if you don’t want to be fudging around with the registry or policies…

Right, but he likely won’t even have access to it if he’s not using Windows 10 Pro.

Unless he paid for a business machine… not likely to have Win10Pro

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Well this sucks. I really dislike how a foreign company can download stuff onto my personal belongings…Im actually amazed its legal not to have an option…

As marco assumes, i have home edition.

I have a windows 7 cd that came with another computer. Is it possible to wipe windows 10 and install this? Or is that option also taken away with 10?

You can actually schedule that.

Not likely. There probably won’t be drivers for it or they may bring bugs into the machine. Also you can’t (legally) use a Windows licence meant for another PC on a new one. Getting drivers, the pieces of software that tell Windows how to use the hardware like an instruction manual, alone are a pain in the ass to source and without them you’ll experience reduced or broken functionality. That assumes you can find drivers. You likely will not be able to find them.

You can block MS update servers. I replied before, but it seems to have disappeared.

If he knew how to block that kind of traffic, he wouldn’t be here asking how to turn off Windows Update.

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What annoys me the MOST about Windows is inability to update on the fly (without needing to reboot and all that). Windows do this because from the early days of DOS they lock files that are being currently used. Unlike Linux/Unix based systems where files are able to be modified on the fly without rebooting. Like for example macbooks don’t need to be rebooted for an update because their OS is based on Unix which means important files can be written to without needing to reboot the computer.

I guess Windows can’t do this because it would require building an entire operating system from scratch, not off of legacy kernel.