How the heck do I turn off automatic updates? Windows 10

Me too!

I don’t think WindowsUpdate can be disabled in W10. There were some tricks though, look it up. (Hint: metered internet connection, manually done downloads only done, etc)

Long gone are those days i suppose. How many windows versions back d i need to go so i can use acd and.control downloads? 95? 3.1?

I think im understanding why youre interested in building older machines…

Oh no. I like Windows 10. And I do update it as well. One thing is that the support lifetime for a particular build of Windows 10 is limited. So if you don’t update it by its fall and spring updates, you’ll eventually lose the updates anyways.

But I build old machines too because for A) Preservation of old hardware, especially good hardware worth preserving.

B) For running old games. When I buy my house. I want my mancave to play games. All sorts of games.

I hea that, especially B. Cosmos cosmic adveture, comander keen, crystal caves. Loved those games before haha. I did try to install some games from dvd the other day. Gta san andreas mouse wont work and other games seem to have similar small, but crippling bugs. Probably for the better haha

So are you saying that windows 10 also syops providing updates over time? Will it stop working right as suggested above? One thing.icant stand about society now is the passiveness about companies requiring subscription type services. I really really cant stand buying something and not actually feeling like i own it andcan use it. Its a serious piss off for me. But computers they got us cornered. Reminds me of that southpark episode where they make the gay vehicle to avoid air travel because getting raped still hurts less…

Windows 10 isnt the only issue, just the current one i am dumbfounded about it being legally allowed and even worse seemingly well accepted :frowning: seems everything is going into this constant payment trap despite being willing to pay for it. Dont get me started about iphones and apple…

Every six months or so they release a new version of Windows 10. See. Before it was new versions of windows. 2000 → XP → Visa → 7…

Now we do new versions of Windows 10 like new versions of OS X (Now called macOS)

each version of Windows 10 is supported with updates for 2 years ish.

So 2019 windows 10 should end support soon. But, the updates shouldn’t be that big of an issue because they’re there to plug security holes and stuff.

You never owned your software. You only licence it. Only open source software is something you can truly use like your own. Even Windows 3.1 is licenced.

Although I don’t recommend disabling Windows update, what I’ve done is used a DNS sinkhole like pi-hole and blacklisted all the windows update domains. This is a bit technical and require you have an extra machine running has your internal dns server.

Not accurate. You can simply edit the registry and remove the update module.

However, once you do this Windows will never update again. But, you’ll still get updated virus definitions.

This works for a while, but it will sneakily and without warning turn itself back on. I’ve tested it!

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Well then. This is really depressing news, shows how much i read the terms of things…everything just got turned down a notch.

I honestly think I hinted the only trick that may work… but I think it was ignored… boooh…

Microsoft also had some sneaky tricks to ‘force’ people into updating from W8.1 to W10. There were workarounds available, even from MS, to stop that, but suddenly MS deleted them in an Update IIRC.

This is true. However, every time you log into email you receive a pop up asking you if you really want to do this because a metered connection costs money every time you do anything online. I’ve tried this and it was really annoying. I like my Outlook to check for new email every two minutes.

That sounds really weird and if that’s happening to you, you can always set some rule for sending those emails to the junk folder.

I dont like being reminde d every 2 minutes about anything. Email or otherwise. As such i also dont like companies downloading things onto my personal possessions without my clicking ok, at the absolute bare minimum. If people choose to be cinstantly reminded, great. If they are essentially monitoring something i own and payed for while taking my freedoms and sensitive information away with it, nope.

I understand very well what marco says about not actually owning the things you buy now…which is total fuckery, but i can accept it. But i do have issues with companies downloading stuff onto my physical machines without consent. And not giving me the basic satisfaction of at least pretending i have turned off spy mode. They used to ask you, and you can decide yes/no . Now they sneak shit on without confirmation, and you guys are telling me that you even delete stuff and they sneakily put it back without permission. In a court setting, this seems to say you are setup to lose despite being right.

i will try to save marco and other mods the waste of time editing out my horrendous language that i really truly mean towards these c*nts, but alas…this is just simply immoral and bullshit :frowning: But we all gotta play the game. The outer limits has become a reality.

Use tails or some privacy oriented Linux distro.


Well we can always use some obscure linux distribution but fact is if you do that kiss productivity goodbye as you’d be forced to use open source programs that very few people use. That means no compatibility between programs you use vs what your boss uses, can’t play games except quake 2 or quake 4, and if you use computers for work chances are they won’t work in linux unless you use a virtual machine. Unless you are a sys admin for legacy system that is…

One reason people use apple is because of system integration. That means your contact, files, etc work across all devices you own provided they’re apple devices. Even if they’re not cutting edge…

Ya i get it. Still bullshit. Ive used tails, run off of cds and flashdrives, but as is obvious, nothing normal works with it. Im not an international agent, i just value rights and privacy on things i have paid very high prices for. Or any price. i cannot fathom doing online banking, as one exaple, on a system i cant control and openly tells me too fucking bad when i try and turn off their automatically installed prgrams and spyware…its just far too obvious and arrogant of them.

Luckily for us there is never a shortage of unpaid watchdogs scouring the code to make sure nothing too bad is going on.

It’s the price we willingly pay for convenience.