How the World is Changing

Have you been to a Kodak store recently? I have and man it made me feel old. You know how when you were young your parents would roll their eyes to some of the things your generation did that the previous generation would not dare doing. Well, that’s kind of how I feel.

So I went to the Kodak store to pick up a few CD’s I had copied since I’m too stupid to figure out how to do it myself with my computer. The CD’s were given to me in an envelope. That’s all good except on the envelope there is a picture of a girl who looks to be about fifteen years old with 3 hickies on her neck. For a second I thought the envelope was stained with red ink or something. But no, it’s official the world is changing and I’m older now. :s


Can’t make out what it says in Chinese. Anyway, it’s pretty tame. It’s not like she’s tattooed her face or pierced her lips or something.

[quote=“hannes”] it’s pretty tame. It’s not like she’s tattooed her face or pierced her lips or something.[/quote]Agreed. Except that’s not some random pic spotted on the internet or whatever magazine. It’s a bloody Kodak store envelope?! A Kodak envelope…

Makes me think that in twenty years from now, you’ll have teenage girls showing their private parts on fruit juice bottles and Pop-Tarts boxes.


I agree it’s an odd photo for a Kodak envelope, but I don’t think she looks so young as that.

BTW, you were officially old when you had to resort to going to the kodak store to make the cds in the first place.

She looks older than 15 to me. And the only character I can make out there is “se4” (sex)!

BTW, the way I see it, you’re officially old when your boss is younger than you are.