How Times Have Changed!

My parents found this while on vacation in upstate New York recently. For those who don’t read Chinese, it’s an announcement from the Kaohsiung City government forbidding adolescents and students from entering places like bars, discos, tea houses where women “serve” customers, and brothels. It’s dated 1971 (60th Year of the Republic of China).

Can’t keep the youngsters away from these places anymore … :laughing:

Classic! How on earth did it get there? Or more like, Why?
There must have been a previous incident.

Tangentially, LB, your code was correct, but the HTML available on these boards is astoundingly limited.

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As to how it got there, I have no clue … that’s what makes it interesting. I think my great aunt has kept it, but I’m gonna try to talk her into sending it to me … it would look great in my study! :laughing: