How to apply for permanent ARC?

I’ve stayed in Taiwan over 183 days a year since 1990. I am hoding a valid ARC and currently employeed by a Taiwanese company. I pay income tax every year. I don’t plan to marry any Taiwanese lady but I want to apply for a permanent ARC. Could anyone tell me if I am qualified for application and what documentations I should provid to which government office?? Very grateful, Ken

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First, you need to apply from your home country for a clearance of criminal record.
If you’re American, this is best done through the Calif Dept of Justice, email them and tell them you want the forms for visa/immigration
(there’s a prior thread dealing with this).
Then you need to get some law enforcement official to fingerprint you and return the form to them. After they process it(4-6 weeks), they’ll send it back to you in Taiwan. You then need to get it verified at the closest Taiwan ‘trade office’ which is TECOS, S.F. After they verify it, you need to get it to the MOFA who will re-re-verify it. You’ve got to this all in three months from the issuance of the document. You need to go th the tax office and have them provide a statement of your salary of the last 3 years, which must surpass $NT32,000 per month.
That’s as much as I know, 'cos I’m stuck on the step of getting someone to fingerprint you here in Taiwan. It’s pretty much hit and miss and noone is sure where you can definitively get it done.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, that was rude of me.
We relaxed the rules last year, but it’s still not easy.