How to argue with a global warming "skeptic"



Attic summer hottest in 115,000 years


you obviously have no funny bone


I accept that data, but there is also data , like in Greenland , that seems to be going the other way ? Or is that wrong…or just an outlier?


As was the previous hottest summer before that, as was the previous summer before that, going back for about 10 thousand years.

By Autopilot - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

It’s always the hottest year in roughly 100,000 years, and has been every time a new high is reached.


Well, it usually is pretty hot in the attic. :grin:


Sorry if I’m misinterpreting you, but it sounds like you’re saying every Arctic summer has been warmer than the previous one for the whole current interglacial. Pretty sure that’s not true. Every new record will be the warmest since the last interglacial… but that’s not what your words (in this sentence) seem to convey. We haven’t been on a continuous upward trend for the last ten thousand years!



The point was the article made no mention that 20,000 years ago we were in an ice age, and the temperature since then has risen 16 degrees or so, all without any contribution from mankind.

It’s a scare mongering technique. It lacks objectivity. It’s why you have morons like AOC proclaiming the world is coming to an end in 12 years, because this as well as other nonsense is being drummed into their brains non stop through their schooling. She is far from alone, but we are seeing a generation of imbeciles emerge because those pushing for certain policies refrain from placing context or nuance into anything, only the agenda seems important.


As they say, trying to reduce changes in climate ot financial Markets, down to a single cause and effect, would seem almost impossible , to me. Sometimes it feels as if the try to fit the research to a specific agenda. Even Vay must appreciate that their job is to do that sometimes.
As I said , there are sensible things any person should do for future generations, that will help. Billions spent on researching , wish they would buy trees and reduce packaging and so many other things…


Mick that’s a fair critique … I just posted it (the article) because of the trolling images from CTaitung above.

And again I appreciate AOC-bashing as much as anyone. As far as a generation of imbeciles though… that’s sounding a bit angry old man of ya. The new crop rate better compared with previous generations on just about any metric you’d care to compare.

@shiadoa sorry I don’t quite get your point. Who is the “they” to whom you are referring? The media? Or climate experts? Or political pundits?


It’s called humor, which you are so uptight of us earthlings frying on the sidewalk that you apparently do not have. Relax and start finding the humor in life.


Sorry @CTaitung me and this forum have a bit of a history. But I DO have a sense of humor… see!



YPs @CTaitung not related to extreme weather, but… image image

I think these are pretty funny as well!


They are …bravo :grin:


This doesn’t make any sense to me.


Pics can be funny.
Global warming and global warming deniers aren’t. They want to see our grandkids living in a world racked by wars because of their political views.


Yeah but your statement was just plain incorrect.


How so? I’m not going to repeat myself for the sake of rephrasing and if you see something inaccurate, feel free to point it out.

Also I made many points, I’m not going to get into the guessing game of what you are referring to.


Dude. …
Do you seriously. . Honestly… Believe this?


Yes. Because they ignore scientific facts including their own senses where it’s clear the earth has been visibly warming and quickly over the last couple of decades. My homeland …Obvious. Here in Taiwan obvious. Where I used to live in Australia…Obvious.My friends residenCe in California…Obvious…

These idiots went from first point blank denying there was a warning trend to now saying ‘its extreme weather’ or ‘we aren’t responsible for it’.

They wouldn’t think to challenge a biologist about nucleic acid replication or physicist about quantum theory but that are somehow qualified to challenge climate scientists…Because of…Their politics ?


There’s only one in this thread that I noticed who is leaning towards denial of anthropogenic global warming, I do accept the consensus. Although the media tends to get overly alarmist and that is something climate scientists will tell you themselves. Politicians are another thing altogether.

What is not being acknowledged is the alarmist rhetoric is creating imbeciles. I don’t mean to keep bashing on AOC, but how can anyone take statements like these as anything other than imbecilic? It is not reality. You can’t make the USA zero carbon footprint in 12 years, that’s plain stupid.