How to ask a girl out in Taiwan

Im going to taiwan in september
Any recommendation best way to ask girl out?

Yes. Sign up for private language exchange and dating apps such as Tinder. Both have a high rate of success here. Hit the clubs too if you want, but the quality may be a little lower if you get my drift. And if a girl you like rejects you or “ghosts” you, don’t be weird about it or obsess over it. Plenty of fish in the sea.


Tinder I think you mean

Yeah, damn auto-correct. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

It’s not worth it man. They all already have boyfriends.


Depends on what kind of girl you like. Some girls like nature and you should ask her to go hiking or something like that in Taiwan. Some girls won’t ever be caught out hiking and you shouldn’t ask her to do that.



Just leave us the hell alone


You understand this is the ‘Dating & Relationship’ sub, right? Are we not supposed to give advice here anymore? He asked a question and we answered it. No one has said anything scummy or unethical. Perhaps you should steer clear of the thread if it bothers you for whatever reason.


Honestly it’s a good way in Taiwan. It’s popular and you get to go through a lot of potential girls to date in the comfort of your home. The trick is to know how to set up a profile that girls will like and not see you as a creep.

I met my wife on Tinder. In the states though, but she’s Taiwanese. I’m sure some edgy person will roll their eyes or make a snarky comment about that too. But it does work sometimes, even though there’s a lot of frustration and fizzled connections to cut through.


It’s normal. Nothing wrong with it. I know lots of couples that meet through it. It’s a good way to meet a significant other if that’s your intention and you make it clear to the other person. Also a good way to hook up. You just need to set your boundaries and standard. It’s stupid people blame tinder for fuck boys or girls that don’t want anything more. When they definitely knew and didn’t make that clear hoping the other will change their mind.

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I found it a lot easier than OKCupid or Match. Cuts through a lot of BS and gets straight to the point. And the stereotype it’s just a hook-up app is outdated. Sure, there’s a lot of hooking-up still happening through it. But people are also on there looking for longer term stuff.

Haha noooooo. Clearwater was 2006-2007. Thank god I didn’t have it back then. I probably would’ve been dismembered into a dozen trash bags and tossed into the gulf.

It all depends on what you want. If you want a relationship, make it clear and set that boundary and standard. You can’t pick someone who isn’t interested in more and Blame it on tinder or on the other person. People don’t seem to get it. Then you hear BS like “where are all the good men/women” you didn’t pick them and they probably run away from you like the plague.

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What he means is… RUN!!!

Oh, feigning being gay – and even better, feigning being ex-gay – to seduce a lady is ethical these days? I guess I need to get out more.

Everything is fluid now. You can identify as anything like a clown nun. We are inclusive here.

He was obviously joking. Hardly anything edgier than the rest of what passes here for banter. Besides, that other poster’s aggressive reply was directed at OP who was asking a question that gets asked a hundred times here without any implied sinister connotations. His biggest crime was not using the ‘search’ function for similar threads.

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