How to ask taiwanese to help me deal with the permit paper?

Halo. I’d like to open a store. (Small store or stall in a night market or somewhere else not in the mall)
But to apply the entrepreneur visa will takes too much effort.
Coz basically i just wanna try import things while i studying chinese @mtc.
If it’s work then i’ll continue with a bigger part.
So is there anyway or maybe someone already did and kindly wanna share your exp about asking taiwanese to do the permit paper so i can just registered as a worker. As i have a working permit.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:
Any info will be appreciated. But i wont get married with taiwanese. Hahahahhahaa~

I don’t quite understand how you have a work permit as a student. However, if you do, apparently all you need to do is get another employer registered against your ARC. The difficult part, obviously, is finding an “employer” to partner with you, which is the same as it would be anywhere else: you need to make some contacts. Could your existing employer maybe help you with some introductions/networking?