How To Be Paid When Contract Is Broken

I would love any advice on how binding contracts are in Language schools. I have signed a contract with a school until the end of August. I have stayed in this job for 10 months and have finally said I wish to end employment June 30 2002, because it is a good time to see family, and will return in September. This is two months before my contract is to expire naturally. Two other teachers are wanting to do the same thing, wishing to terminate their employment at the same time and before their contracts run out. Our employers have said that we will be paid for June if they can find suitable replacements in time. This means teachers who will sign on for a year and be qualified etc. I am third on the list, meaning I will be paid when a third teacher is found to replace me. So three replacement teachers need to be found by June 30 in order for me to get paid.The school only started looking for replacements a month ago, the teachers have expressed their request to leave 6 months ago. I would simply leave, but want to return and work in the same area in September. I am worried about being blacklisted if I take off. To replace all the teachers wanting to leave in June, that would leave a surplus of teachers required to teach in the summer. THere is no need for so many new teachers for the summer, as enrollment is expected to be low and even at capacity, 5 teachers are not needed in the summer. So this leaves me quite angry, as I do not really need replacing for the summer , as I understand it. I have decided to work for June and see what happens, but I would like to try to ensure I get paid. Any ideas?

So what does your contract say about terminating the employment by either side?

If you made the mistake and did not include such a clause you ‘gotta pay for it’ …