How to best learn some Hakka?

Hello everybody,

I know there is a topic called “How to write Hakka”, but hey…I have to first learn it, before I can start to write it…:blush:

So how do I learn Hakka? I can’t just go and by a book, can I? Any suggestions and advices?

Dear Mesheel,

Go to Dylan Sung’s web site.

He has a lot of information about the Hakka dialect, including an IME (Input Method Editor)and a character list with Hakka pronunciations in romanization.

You didn’t state whether you could already read Chinese characters or not but if you could then the character list would be helpful.

There are quite a few varieties of Hakka but I believe the

thanks for your help…i will check out the website…

Basically, the diversity of Hakka dialects spoken in many diasporas are mutually understandable. My hakka is slowly slurred due to the many hours of Chinese spoken here in Taiwan. When I picked up the phone and call my relatives, I couldn’t speak in perfect Hakka anymore, mostly I will start by thinking in Chinese.

There is hakka lesson on the local Radio, I guess, you can try that.


This thread could be appended onto the one about Hakka and aboriginal languages.

Mesheel, please try searching existing threads. This will help you avoid starting new threads on old subjects.

well…sorry…couldn’t find any threat which really serves my needs…there are some similare ones though, ur right…

i am just wondering if you have found a teacher. My family speak Hakka but mine is quickly fading away. I wish to learn it again.

If you could let me know that would be great.

Soon there will be a Hakka Tv in taiwan, I’m sure there will be program that teach Hakka by then :slight_smile:


no…i wasn’t looking for a teacher yet…i will start to learn hakka by the end of next year only…have to graduate first… :blush: