How to book taxi online from Taoyuon airport?


I am trying to book Taiwan taxi cab online for this Saturday. I found this webpage. But don’t know how to register for this service. It is asking for some member id.



You need to be a member. That provides member ID.

I am also not sure if they can provide the service FROM the airport, as any taxi except the Airport taxis is not supposed to be allowed to wait in the area.

If you live in Taiwan, and leave FROM Taiwan, then when you go to the airport they book it, as then they get your flight number and can arrive just in the nick of time, without waiting.

Options? Uber or Airport taxi. The second one is more expensive.

BTW, that page is from my favorite taxi service, Taiwan Taxi.


Oh. How do I register?

Ok. Thanks for the info. Yes I need to book FROM airport TO tamsui area.

I did not know uber worked in taipei. last time i checked it was not showing any taxies. will check.


You can book a “limo”, check online or directly at the airport, same price or less than a cab.


First button under is for register, but for some reason does not work for me. Try that. If not, option B: limo service.

Uber is in a sort of legal limbo in Taiwan but still offering -and expanding, actually- its services.

if you are staying over say, an Airbnb host, maybe you should ask their help. Someone locally can just call - you will get a much better rate that way, and a lot safer than taking a cab at the airport.


Found this app

estimated cost 1500 nt.


You can grab a taxi at the taxi stop. All other non-designated taxis are forbidden to do pick-up. You might have a chance with Uber but I’ve never done it before.


Uber. Just pin your spot will so they can locate you.

Used it from airport just a few days ago. When the Taxi line had about 30 people in line at B terminal 2 around 3pm.


You can book taxi to and fro from Airport the cheapest way in Taiwan . This is what i use and i can guarantee this the cheapest i could find anywhere for NTD $ 725 (after signup)

You can signup using my referral that will give you signup benefits for booking taxi at even more discounted rates .

Choose City as Taipei and currency as NTD and you are good to go.

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Do you already have a place to stay? Check this out!

My cousin do pick up from aiport for a fee. Let me know if you’re interested.