How to buy a laptop?

Hello everybody…

I bought my last laptop in Taiwan with the help of a local. Can’t complain, but this is now 2 and a half years ago and it’s starting to have hardware problems. I was told, that fixing computers was a waste of money and I should by a new one instead. Well…that’s what I am planning to do.

By a stroke of luck, I’ll be coming to Taiwan again in the beginning of July, so I figured it would be best to wait till then and by my new computer in Taiwan again, since it’s cheaper and they are more up to date than here in Europe. Anyways…I will go to Guanghua Shangchang with a local again, but here is the thing…

I have now idea about computers. What is important and what features should my new computer have? How much MHz, GB, how about floppy drive and CD drive or inside CD burner or…what brand is best and what brand suck…etc. etc…

Pls give me an update on the latest thing for computers. Thanks

I don’t think you can ask this type of question and expect to get a useful answer, since other peoples’ needs won’t match yours. What do you use your laptop for? Advanced airflow simulations, checking email on the web, amassing huge quan-titties of porn, running your entire household’s X10 system, watching movies, making movies, editing movies, doing CAD drawing? Are you going to drag it around a lot, or use it as a semi-portable replacement for a desktop machine?

Probably the only generally-useful new feature is USB2.0, which is nice because a lot of the newer storage products require it (external CD burners, external hard drives, etc.). If you have a video camera that uses FireWire, you’ll probably want a laptop that has a port for that built in as well.

Also, as someone pointed out recently in another situation – since you apparently live in Europe, you should probably buy your electronics there so that if they need warranty work done, you’ll actually be able to get it done there. Do you really want to have to ship your laptop to Taiwan in September when the video board suddenly fries itself? (Of course, if you’re staying for a year or two, this consideration applies in reverse.)

gosh…so many questions…guess ur right…it’s difficult to tell, but u seem to know what ur talking about, so pls just give me some suggestions on the latest thing that’s on the market.

i’m a student, so i basically need my laptob for writing papers, e-mail, online surfing, for digital camera, watching vcds and dvds and downloading music and burning cds. i’m using a ibm thinkpad, iseries now and do carry it around, but also use it at home as a desktop machine most of the time.

i do live in europe, but computers are much more expensive and not really up to date here. warranty and technical support is no problem, since most of the big brands have branches here. carrying a laptop from taiwan too europe or vice versa is not really a problem… :slight_smile: