How to change status of visa (visitor visa to resident visa): spouse from SEA or other designated countries

I got my visa finally but its visitor visa and i was supposed to apply for resident visa which I didn’t know so please help how can change my visitor visa to resident visa

On what basis are you applying for a resident visa?

On marriage basis Is there any possibility i can change visa status in taiwan

Yes you can.

I would go to immigration and ask them

But in my visitor visa stamp there is written no change to resident so i m really dead. There’s no solution at all for this

I would still go to immigration and ask.

If that doesnt work then its a visa run. Not the end of the world - just a couple of days in Hong Kong.

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Did you do the first step I linked in the other thread?

But there is written no change to resident in chinese in my visa that’s what my husband told me so he said it’s bad thing I really don’t know if i can apply for resident visa when I reach in Taiwan or not. I traveled all the way to India and stayed for more than week and everything went wrong. It’s scary I don’t even know what to tell mon and dad. I have to go back to my country tomorrow

Your marriage is already registered in Taiwan?

Yes it’s already registered in taiwan . Is there any solution for this problem?

your visa is with annotation 「TS」?

The visa page says

Applicants who enter the R.O.C. (Taiwan) on a Visitor Visa with annotation 「TS」 may apply for a Resident Visa 8 work days before the duration of stay expires.

Yes with TS i don’t know what it means !! Is it bad thing?? So I cannot apply for resident visa?

But when i showed my visa to husband he found that cannot change to resident which was written in to chinese so i m really scared

The regulations on the boca website says it is possible to change.

The only way to find out for sure is to go to immigration and seek to apply to change it.

In my experience they are always helpful regardless of what compications exist.

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did he mean the visa cannot be extended?

Not allowed to change in taiwan which was written in chinese in my visa stamp so that means there’s no any other solution i have to come back and then apply in india again. I think i will just give up. I can’t go through this procedure again. There’s no hope at all for me

You are not listening to the advice that you asked for

But anyway, best of luck

I m looking for advice or any solution but I cannot find anything. It would be really great help if anyone can help me . And thank you.

Read the advice already given