How to claim an abandoned motorcycle?


Hey guys, so, in the states, there is a paper process you can follow to claim an abandoned vehicle. Takes a couple of months, but once the original owner is “contacted” and fails to reply, you essentially can than title the vehicle in your name after a few extra steps.
My buddies and I used this method in Virginia where getting a title for a custom built car was particularly difficult.
There are loads of abandoned bikes in TW.
I found a particular one I have my heart set on. Still has a plate on it, though it’s been sitting for years.
Nobody does to know who’s it was or if the person left the country.
Does anyone know of a process to claim an abandoned vehicle in TW? Does it even exist?
(I do that have my hopes up, as I know there probably would not be so many ghost bikes if there was a simple process…)

Found this on ghost bikes. You can actually get one titled in your name once someone leaves the country. It’s just a pain…


Goodness , I’ve had an old bike parked outside for 6 months now , hope it’s not that one in Taichung :scream:people keep leaving cards on it … I can’t believe how many semi- naked girls want to buy it . They even left their phone numbers


Have you called any one of those naked girls and tried to sell them a pole position?


Just parked next to this red bike. Been there a while. Seems to be abandoned. Almost rained in Taichung…close.


Hey I know that building! Yeah that red bike has been out there forever


Don’t take the Gold PGO !!:joy:


Sweet ride, bro. :sunglasses:


I think it was the “tiger stripes” :joy: