How to clean a wooden floor?

Didn’t know where to put this question …

So, how do you best clean a wooden floor?

Vacuum cleaner
Wipe/mop it

Does this mean you found a place, Rascal?

Rascal probably all of the above are okay, but you need to be careful you don’t scratch the floor with the vacuum and if you use water not to use a lot.

The best way is probably to wipe it down with a damp cloth after sweeping.


If the floor has been treated then you might want to be careful not to “strip” the surface of the timber when you wash or mop it. One method that seems to work well is using a bucket of warm water with a little methylated spirits.

On the other hand, if it’s just a rental dwelling, you could use whatever you want…

The Big Babou

I would hoover the floor with a hoover which has a “hard floor” setting, and go over it once every so often with a damp mop. I’m not sure what meths would do to the wax…?

broom and the occasional mopping with warm water + vinegar mix is the way we always did it. Vinegar does a great job cleaning without harming the floors. Use one capful of vinegar with a liter or two of warm water.
washing by hand gets the best results - but its a pain in the ass/knees, shoulders, etc… using a sponge mop is the next best alternative - just don’t use too much water at once. use enough so the floors air dry within a minute or two.

But Rascal has (I guess) just moved into a place (congratulations, hope you’ll be very comfortable), so in all likelihood its a modern wood floor, which means its thickly coated with polyeurathane, which is pretty damn near impervious to anything.

At least, all the many wood floors I’ve seen in the last few weeks (I’m househunting) have been treated like that. You’ll have a hard job scratching it even if you start dancing Irish jigs in hobnail boots. Just use a bit of soapy water and a mop.

However … if its one of those older-style parquet floors you sometimes find in older buildings, you’ll have to treat it a bit more carefully – meths, followed by proper parquet floor wax and lots of elbow grease.

If can’t get hold of meths ask Sandman if you can borrow some of his…!

I bet your neighbours love you. :wink:

Yeah, polyurethane just needs a vacuum and once-over with a damp cloth. Our floor was unsealed, so we had to go at it with cotton buds in the joins, a wash with light detergents, and then wax. Glad that’s over with, we wouldn’t have bothered with a rental.

Thanks for all the advise, the question arose because my cleaner was asking for a vacuum cleaner and I thought that wouldn’t go well with a wooden floor. Will aks her to wipe it with a damp mop instead.

And yes, I signed up for a new place - will be moving this weekend. The building is not new but the apartment is completely renovated, including floors, doors, windows, kitchen etc. and new furniture of course.
A bit bigger than I wanted but I fell in love with it and it got a great city view (towards HsinYi / Taipei 101)! :slight_smile: