How to convert your bigoted right wing relatives at thanksgiving

Promise them free stuff. It’s all free!


I blame Pajama Boy.

Does this stuff actually happen? I’ve heard so much about these thanksgiving political fights, but I’ve never seen one.

And if I were the conservative brother-in-law, I’d say to someone who’s telling all that Moore said in the video (edit🤦🏽‍♀️).

Here’s what you not gonna do, raise my damn taxes to pay for all this stuff.

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It can be very easy to nip in the bud so long as only one person there wants it. Otherwise, impossible.

If some idiot wants the first word, I’ll let him have it. I know how to get the last word. The sooner I accomplish that, the shorter the exchange.

Put Pajama Boy in his place and eat your turkey.

Is there something like this for bigoted left-wing relatives. :thinking:


The key is not to be that guy who brings up politics on Turkey Day. Be the guy who puts that guy in his place.

Oh, and don’t waste time trying to convert Pajama Boy to different political opinions. That’s a sucker’s game. What you want to convert him to is sullen silence.


You mean the intersectionality, woke, left wing relative. :smirk::wink:

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You forgot rainbow hair, pronouns and baggage.
Yes. That one.


They want some kind of attention is all, usually the group humors sad uncle/future sad uncle. I’ve never seen a ‘fight’ like this, it’s usually a trolling one-liner that gets ignored and family proceeds to tease the offender about their spray on hair.

Yes I agree. Not sure about the rainbow hair though.

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