How to deal with annoying neighbors

My neighbor has been slamming doors around midnight for months now and the sounds would come directly through the walls to my room because he’s living next door.
I tried to contact my landlord about noises and stuff. She told me she’d persuade my neighbors to stop making noises. Apparently it didn’t work and even if I wear ear plugs while I sleep, the sounds can still be very loud and wake me up in the middle of the night…I literally don’t know what I can do to have a good night sleep without being disturbed…do you guys have any ideas or experiences on solving such annoying problems like this? I really could use some helps thanks

Does your apartment have residents committee?

Maybe he’s trying to communicate. Slam back.

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Best advice is either talk to the neighbor or just move.


Sleep sounds…

Unfortunately no, it’s an old apartment and I rented it directly through the landlord here

I actually tried! it didn’t really help. he’d just slam back even louder/ frequently lol

Invest in a good pair of ear plugs.

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I guess you’re right…I just don’t know why making the first move to directly talk to them makes me feel so volunrable. When I think about it it just makes me feel really anxious :dizzy_face:

Have you inadvertently pissed the neighbour off in some way? Perhaps if you leave for work early and make noise?

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What I would do is just keep going to see him until it stops. I would not at any point show any anger or frustration, but just get my point across. Point being to let him know, by implication, that I will stop at nothing to fix this problem.

Is he a renter there or an owner?


not really, but the other neighbor does, and the utilities of her room is connected to both our rooms, I’m not sure if that’s the reason

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Do you know anyone in the apartment who knows the neighbor?

One way I dampened the slamming noise of my current door is by fitting some felt stickers on the frame. Doesn’t silence it 100% but definitely reduces the noise. How about you suggest that as an option?

I don’t know anyone here, moved in just a few months ago and have been busy with my work and study :weary:

He’s a renter too

I had an issue where the woman two floors above my apartment on the 9th floor kept complaining about the noise we were making. In fact, the noise was being made by the woman’s children who lived on the 8th floor. That woman even apologised to me about the noise.

Anyway, the woman on the 8th floor was the woman on the 9th floor’s daughter.

We never reached a resolution. They eventually moved out.


My downstairs neighbor left a very politely worded message on my front door about a “rhythmic mechanical noise” when I had gotten into the habit of using my sewing machine late at night. She listed her cell phone number on the note and we communicated about it via text. My bad…

You might try the same tack of leaving a note and your phone number so you can discuss the matter further.


When I first rented a room in Taiwan, a neighbour approached me and told me I was waking people up by slamming the door, so I stopped. Just tell the person. Most people are reasonable.

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Does Taiwan have laws for tenants to have the right to quiet enjoyment?